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Leyton Orient 2 - Brentford 1

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Hartlepool United 0 Brentford 0
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Charlton 2 Brentford 0
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Brentford 1 Oldham 1
Southampton 1 Brentford 1
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Brentford 0 Brighton & Hove Albion 0
Fine Start to Season for Brentford

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Brentford took an early lead away at Leyton through a Carl Cort header but, after Nikki Bull saved a penalty, eventually slumped to defeat after McGleish equalised and Danny Foster put the ball into his own net.

The Bees dominated the game for the first 30 minutes then fell apart quite badly.

Carl Cort's headed goal from Wood's free kick looked ordinary but was well worked. Cort stood two yards offside while the free kick was being prepared. The marking defender held his hand up and waved at the linesman to notice. Cort stood his ground when Wood approached the ball, the defender panicked and ran towards Cort playing him onside when the ball was kicked and Cort's move towards the ball gave him a free header. Nice to hear a chant of "it's all Carl Cort"!

Cort played well throughout the game as did his partner MacDonald. Unfortunately they seem to be similar players, back to goal, holding the ball up, Cort with his height and touch, Mac with his strength and busy-ness. A few more games together and I would hope to see Cort playing the ball forward more quickly for Mac to burst through to.

Although it was at the other end of the ground the penalty awarded to Orient around the half hour mark seemed stonewall and there were no complaints from the Bees players. If so, this would have been just about the only correct decision Andy D'urso made. A truly appalling refereeing display. Go on FA, drag me in for a disciplinary meeting, I dare you! I've got 1,000 witnesses! A low and central penalty made it fairly easy for Nikki Bull to get in the way of it.

It always worries me when the players start having a go at each other. Ryan Dickson went beserk after a fabulous bit of play which saw a defence splitting pass by Dickson which Wood failed to read. Wood just stood there taking the rant and seemed quite shocked at the ferocity of it.

McGleish's goal on 36 minutes for Orient's leveller was a well taken volley just inside the box giving Bull no chance.

The second half saw the bees defence fall apart. Long balls over the centre halves caused absolute panic as Bennett in particular was slow to turn and their forwards would simply run on to the ball. Headers were often misjudged too. Phillips wasn't brilliant either although he did manage to get a few interceptions in. At one point Dickson and Bennett went for the same ball made a hash of it and it fell to an Orient player. This was another opportunity for a Dickson rant at his captain.

Orient's winner came from a corner to the far post, it cleared the majority of players who were at the near post and left Foster and an Orient player just behind him. It was an awkward height when it came to Foster, about chest high. He had to bend down to head it and could only thump it into the goal. If he left it it would have been a certain goal anyway.

Orient deserved their win. Cort, Mac and Bean come out with credit. Kev was pretty poor again, I don't think he's had a decent game since Charlton, has he? Taylor looked weak in the first half but better in the second but that's probably because the rest of the team looked worse. There is a problem with Bull and his centre halves. The communication is lousy and Bull's decision-making is a cause for concern. Marks for effort for most of the other players but confidence is draining away rapidly.

Bean needs help in the middle, Cort and Mac need to come to some understanding [they are both good players at this level], Bennett needs a rest [like Rio] to sort himself out and come back stronger. I think Price should come back in.

The result leaves Brentford 17th in the table, 3 points above the relegation places.

Starting Line-up - Bull, Foster, Bennett, Phillips, Dickson, Taylor, Bean, O'Connor, Wood, Cort, Macdonald

Subs - Price, Saunders, Kabba, Weston, Osborne, Wilson, Blake

Thanks to beesotted for the match report.

October 18, 2009

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