The Pubs, Inns and Beer Houses of Brentford

Is it time for another pub crawl?


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Do you know anything about pubs in Brentford? Fancy doing some research?

You may well have heard of the poem or doggerel that lists 50 pubs along Brentford in 1948. There's the list of where they were or still are or what they have been replaced by.

We ran a pub crawl competition in 2011 while most of Brentford went to Wembley. This also resulted in a brilliant photo montage by Sven Aasen which is worth a download (pdf).

Pubs of architectural or historical merit get a mention in and of course Brentford High Street project includes pubs.

Jim Storrar has lived in Brentford for over 40 years and it's clearly his turn to get excited about pubs in Brentford. He has an interest in local history and has published three little books on the history of his birth town in Scotland.

Jim is researching the pubs for fun and has produced this rather marvellous document that pulls together information and photos on all pubs in Brentford, past and present *The Pubs, Inns and Beer Houses of Brentford (pdf)*. The information is carefully sourced and it is a well presented work.

Firstly, please download and read it.

Secondly, if you have any old photos, new photos or interesting photos of any age, please email Jim. If you have any anecdotes, memories or additional information, please email Jim.

He will produce an updated document for us all to share and any additional information will go on Brentford History site as well. Photos will be credited and acknowledgment made.

Thirdly, go visit the pubs!

May 19, 2016

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