Aldershot Fans Held After Match

Police Prevented Trouble

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Nine men were arrested following an investigation into an incident at Ash Vale railway Station last October following a match between Aldershot Town and Brentford.

A group of Brentford supporters were under police escort in two carriages of the four carriage train, which was also carrying other members of the public, including women and children, when a large of group of males, believed to be Aldershot supporters attempted to confront the Brentford supporters on the train.

British Transport Police used CCTV footage to identfiy those involved. 9 men ranging from 17 to 47 years of age have been arrested for a conspiracy to commit violent disorder.

Angie Hagaman, a Brentford supporter on the train commented "the Met police were just travelling back with the majority of Brentford fans who travelled by train. The Aldershot fans were waiting at the next station after we'd got on so all our Met police jumped out and chased them off. No Brentford fans were causing trouble at the time. We weren't being formally escorted by the police, our Met were just there to help prevent any trouble, which they did admirably!"

DI Wratten said the arrests should serve as a warning to football hooligans that violence and disorder on the railways will not be tolerated. He said: “Members of the travelling public, including law-abiding football fans, have the right to travel in safety and without fear of being embroiled in violence. We will be seeking football banning orders against any supporter who seeks to involve themselves in disorder on the railways.”

March 13, 2009