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Ozzie and Sharon (Jan)

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This lovely lady is Kelly, who lives with Laura and Brigitte. She’s of franglais descent so, if you were to imagine her speaking voice, she would sound rather like Michelle Dubois of the Résistance from ‘Allo ‘Allo*: a real lady, yet very much her own woman and meaning business in no uncertain terms. Kelly wants to be The Brentford Cat and, if we don’t let her, she will probably beat us up. Oh yes.

(*Younger readers: ask your parents.)

Don’t be fooled by the cute exterior, folks: Kelly is a badass bruiser who will take on all comers, irrespective of size or species. She has even been known to pick fights with foxes - and, no, they’re not generally in the habit of attacking cats but, all the same, we don’t want to go out of our way to antagonise them, do we? Well, you and I don’t. Kelly doesn’t care.

Like many cats who live in our beautiful, green neighbourhood, Kelly has a beautiful, picturesque garden that just never ends, with mature trees and a delightfully secluded, country feel. Let’s be very clear, however, about the fact that this is HER space. If you’re a mouse, a fox or a marauding male cat only after one thing, you stand no chance. However, very special humans are not just permitted, but positively ENCOURAGED ... and Kelly will do this by coquettishly enticing you along the path, then flopping onto her back for belly rubs in the sun.

Whilst Kelly remains steadfastly hostile towards foxes and unwanted suitors, in her advancing years she is mellowing towards humans and is becoming more open to cuddles and love. Rather like your ageing great-aunt who insists that she doesn’t need that walking stick / stair lift / motorised scooter, Kelly is coming around to the idea that being snuggled actually isn’t THAT bad and, in fact, it can be rather pleasant. Her human slaves are the main people whom she permits to give her affection, but any visitors to her house may be lucky enough to be chosen. Until she’s had enough. And, at that point, she will politely but firmly request that you dégage.

During these unstable and uncertain times, we all need the reassurance of a noble leader who will make us feel safe yet also show flashes of tenderness. Gotham City has Batman, Metropolis has Superman and Brentford has Kelly ... and I know that our town is so much better for having her in it.

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Cat Mamma of TW8

If you know of any other magnificent cats of TW8 who may be worthy of the lofty position of The Brentford Cat, I would love to hear from you.

April 18, 2018

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