Cocoa Was Born on a Building Site

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Ozzie and Sharon (Jan)
Ozzie and Sharon (Jan)

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In January we met Sharon, the hot-headed tabby who made a break for freedom and sought sanctuary in the home of The Bees. This month I am delighted to introduce you to the harmonious and chilled-out Cocoa, who lives in the home of the bees, the chickens and the freshly-baked sourdough loaves.

Most cats live a life of luxury, thanks to us humans and our constant endeavours to please them even if it means inconveniencing ourselves. But Cocoa is especially lucky: not only does he have four devoted humans - Sara, Andy, James and Macy - at his disposal, but his beautiful Hen Corner home is complete with chicken runs and beehives, right here in the heart of TW8. The location is the perfect combination of rural idyll and urban bustle, so Cocoa can lounge languidly in his vast, sprawling garden yet he is close enough to civilisation for his humans to easily pop out and fetch things for him. If cats made wish lists (and they all could, if they wanted to - they just can’t be bothered), wouldn’t they all demand this kind of life?

Cocoa started life very differently after being born on a building site, from where he and his siblings were rescued for their own protection. The fact that he was hand-reared clearly contributed to his amenable nature and his general trust of humans, and, in the autumn of 2010, he chose his lucky folks when they came to Hounslow Animal Welfare Society looking for a feline addition to their family.

If you happen to stop by at Hen Corner to buy bread, eggs or preserves, or to attend one of their fabulous courses, you may be fortunate enough to encounter the magnificent Cocoa. He welcomes visitors enthusiastically, tail aloft, with cordial, high-pitched little chirps that belie his solid stature. He is happy to be picked up and cuddled, and will contentedly sit on guests’ laps, purring like a moped. The likelihood of a lap encounter is, of course, directly proportional to the expensiveness of one’s clothes: when I visit in jeans he is polite but reserved, but at the Hen Corner Christmas party nobody saw my fabulous frock because Cocoa was on my lap throughout.

Is Cocoa a viable contender for the position of The Brentford Cat? Most definitely. But being The Lord and Master of Hen Corner is what matters most to him.

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Cat Mamma of TW8

If you know of any other magnificent cats of TW8 who may be worthy of the lofty position of The Brentford Cat, I would love to hear from you.

February 14, 2018

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