Grit and Determination Prevail

As Ben succeeds against the odds

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Ben Nutkins, Sixth Form Chiswick Community School Student, achieved a double distinction in Business Studies and an A level in ICT to gain a place at Brighton University to study Finance and Investment next year. However, Ben is no ordinary student. He achieved his best by hard work, at the same time as overcoming barriers placed in his way by cerebral palsy, epilepsy and the drugs used to control them.

During his time at Chiswick, Ben developed a very determined streak. He applied himself and made more and more progress as he moved up the school. He also made friends and became a more confident person.

‘Bullying was always going to be a concern at any school, but this became the least of our worries as any situations of the slightest concern were dealt with swiftly. said Ben’s dad Greg Nutkins. ‘Additional support from Special Needs staff was reassuring, to say the least.’

‘It was great to have Ben as part of the Sixth Form business group’, said Siatta Momoh, Head of Business Studies. ‘He worked really hard and made interesting contributions to discussions’

‘We chose Chiswick over private education as we felt the locality would benefit Ben in becoming independent, and help him secure a local group of friends who would be a long term support both in and out of school. His results are an accolade for the school.’ continued Ben’s dad.

Head teacher Tony Ryan expressed his admiration. ‘Ben is a role model to others. He has achieved his goal through sheer grit and determination. At a time when young people have been denigrated in the press, Ben represents what is best about them. We wish him well in the future’.

The last word must go to Ben. ‘I am so happy and relieved that I have achieved the grades needed to get into Brighton University. I have been at Chiswick School since year 7 and have always had terrific support and encouragement from all my teachers.’

August 30, 2011