Time running out for Lucozade sign

Famous landmark to move to Gunnersbury Park museum

The famous Lucozade sign which welcomes London-bound drivers on the M4 and A4 has been taken down. It was removed on Tuesday 31 August in preparation for its move to a nearby museum.

The demise of the sign has been known for some time. The building which it is attached to, formerly offices of the company which produced the glucose drink, is due for demolition in the autumn and the new owners of the site, Audi cars, were not keen to have the sign on their property.

The sign itself has been in need of a great deal of upkeep in recent years and been maintained by GlaxoSmithKline. The equipment operating the flashing lights is all obsolete and even sourcing replacement lightbulbs has become tricky.

However the sign itself will live on in Gunnersbury Park museum. After it has been removed from the empty office block it is attached to the sign will be taken over the road to Wallis House for cleaning and packing. It will then be given to the museum for safe keeping. No decision has yet been taken on how, if at all, the sign will be displayed.


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  The flashing sign has been described by the Twentieth Century Society as "a rare exemplar of early nineteen fifties British ‘kinetic sculpture' (i.e. design in neon) reflecting the wit and delicate whimsicality of ‘Festival of Britain Modernism." As well as its undoubted quality and distinctiveness, (it is unlike the generality of 1950's neon which was derivative of glitzy American influence,) this sign is also now a very rare survivor – much of the notable neon signage of the mid twentieth century having now been destroyed.

To make up for the loss of the sign, GSK announced plans for a new sign to be erected at a similarly visible part of the A4 and brentfordTW8.com has learnt that a planning application has been submitted for a new sign.

31 Aug 2004

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