Bus Changes Discussed at IBAF

Also West Middx Hospital, Church Street closure, and Leisure and Culture Strategy


Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum

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Over 50 members of the public attended this Thursday's Isleworth and Brentford Area Forum (IBAF), not all of whom came to discuss wheelie bins.

Tamsin Turner, who spoke against Church Street closure at the previous IBAF, presented a petition with over 1,700 signatures against the closure.

Two members came from Transport for London to discuss the consultation about proposed bus route changes.

They emphasised that this was a genuine consultation, which runs for 6 weeks until 18 December. They really do want to hear constructive feedback and alternative suggestions. Over 53,000 leaflets have been distributed to Ealing and Hounslow as well as emails to registered bus users.

There was anger from several residents from Amhurst Gardens present over the proposal to replace the single decker H28 on their road with a double decker E8. This would necessitate the removal of the 3 remaining trees in Amhurst Gardens and there was also questions about the suitability of a double decker bus on such a narrow road when the narrower single decker bus had problems getting through. The need to cut down trees is discussed in letters to residents of Amhurst Gardens but not mentioned in the leaflet widely distributed. Former councillor Jon Hardy showed photos of the trees in question and the traffic issues, mentioning the frequent ambulances and fire engines that also use the road.

Cllr Curran stated that Hounslow hadn't asked for these changes and that the council would formally respond to the consultation. He also requested the return of the 235 to the Great West Quarter. TfL are in negotiation with Barratts still. Council Curran has spoken to the Deputy Mayor of London and Barratts about this.

Concern was expressed by Cllr O'Reilly about the amount of people in Osterley who would no longer have direct access to West Middlesex if the H28 was rerouted. Wood Lane would be without a bus service.

Comments from the public:

  • Why are there no improvements to H91 proposed?
  • Why not extend 195 or 120 rather than change H28?
  • E8 could return from hospital to Busch corner and then continue to Hounslow rather than go up Amhurst Gardens.
  • We need more bus services to West Middlesex but there are problems getting permission from the hospital.
  • Does Tesco still contribute to H28, given bus stopping in car park

Sgt Al-Hashimi gave a brief policing update. He mentioned the potential cut to the policing budget of up to 40% for which there are as yet no details.

Cllr Curran took the opportunity to thank the police for applying to have licence removed from Cafe Society after it was temporarily suspended after shots were fired outside the venue. This was approved at last week's Licensing Panel.

The Managing Director of the Hounslow CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) gave a brief update of the merger (which is technically an acquisition) of West Middlesex Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital which took place on 1st September 2015. Although it is still early days the process is going well.

Sue also emphasised that local people are sought to become members of the new combined Foundation Trust. Find out more about membership.

Sue took away issues over buses and also an enormous puddle mentioned that would become particularly dangerous in icy conditions. The hospital will respond to the TfL consultation.

There is hope that the merger will help improve patient experience ratings at West Mid, which is a lot lower than Chelsea & Westminster.

Denis Browne, from Brentford Community Council asked if a paper could be brought to IBAF outline the expected school places need up to 2030 for Brentford and how Hounslow Council would fulfil these needs. Cllr Collins, as chair of IBAF said he would ask for this to be provided.

In the Open Forum a businessman from within Syon Park said that there was a lot of traffic to Syon Park for the garden centre and other businesses there and these would all be impacted by the Church Street closure. The traffic monitoring report took place in half term in November when traffic to Syon Park would have been lighter than usual.

Cllr Curran emphasised that the closure of Church Street was only a trial and if it didn't work the council would listen to all the objections. He said he had replied to all emails received on the subject (although a member of the public stated she had not received a response to emails sent at the weekend).

There was a very brief presentation on the Leisure and Culture Strategy consultation which is a high level strategy proposal (i.e. without specific proposals) about proposed changes to libraries, heritage, green spaces. Although the consultation closes on 16th November Imran Choudhury would look at extending it for a few weeks.

The remaining items were delegated / skipped / postponed due to lack of time.

Formal minutes and presentations will be posted in the next few days on the council website.

This meeting was live-tweeted and you can still scroll through @brentfordTW8 for the detailed account.


March 18, 2016

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