E8 Extends to Hounslow?

Consultation on proposed changes to bus routes


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TfL are reviewing proposed changes to bus routes, considering growth in Brentford and the need for links from Ealing to West Middlesex Hospital. The survey is open until 18th December.

Route E8 would be extended from Brentford High Street, to Hounslow Bell Corner, via West Middlesex University Hospital. Buses on the route would all be double deck (currently both single and double deck buses operate on this route). It would no longer serve Commerce Road.

Route 110 would no longer run between Hounslow bus station and West Middlesex University Hospital. It would be extended from Twickenham to West Middlesex University Hospital via Twickenham Road. It would no longer serve York Street and Arragon Road.

Route H28 would no longer serve Wood Lane, Amhurst Gardens
and Twickenham Road. It would be rerouted between Jersey Road and Osterley Tesco via Syon Lane and extended to serve Brentford County Court.

School route 635 would no longer run between Hounslow bus station
and Brentford County Court. It would continue to run between Hounslow bus station and St. Paul’s School in Sunbury. The extension of route E8 would provide sufficient capacity.

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November 11, 2015

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