The Battle of Brentford 2016

"A Licence to Build and Build and Build"

Great West Corridor

Issues Consultation (pdf)

Hounslow Local Plan

Evidence Base

Plan to Extend 'Golden Mile' to Chiswick High Road
Move would give Council greater flexibility in planning matters in the area

Call for Greater Community Involvement
Development of Golden Mile needs wide public consultation

Hounslow's Local Plan selects entirety of Brentford as area for growth and regeneration


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"Readers may not be aware that the future of Brentford is more uncertain now than at any time since the last Battle of Brentford in 1642, says Denis Browne, Chair of Brentford Community Council's Planning Committee. He continues:

"This time your Council has adopted a plan which invites them to ask the Mayor to turn the whole of Brentford into an Opportunity Area.

"The Mayor of London describes Opportunity Areas as places where high rise offices and flats will be especially welcomed.

Old Oak Common
Old Oak Common - Opportunity Area

"He may agree that Brentford should become an Opportunity Area if he believes that we can accommodate thousands more flats, more offices and that improvements can be made to our poor transport system.

"If you share our concern that these plans may threaten our family housing, our schools, our hospitals and our parks and if you think we may face years of gridlock write to our Council BEFORE February 22nd to let them know what you think".

Brentford Lock North
Brentford Lock North - Visualisation from Great West Corridor

According to the Mayor of London's website, Opportunity Areas can typically "accommodate at least 5,000 jobs, 2,500 new homes or a combination of the two, along with other supporting facilities and infrastructure".

In practical terms this could mean high density developments on every spare patch of land within the Great West Corridor which covers all of Brentford, stretching from Osterley to Chiswick Business Park.

The Issues Consultation of the Great West Corridor Plan is not being widely publicised as its stated purpose is "to ensure that key stakeholders and community representatives are consulted". Policies will then be drawn up after which residents will be consulted. But, it is at this stage that the area of the Great West Corridor will be defined and whether to seek Opportunity Area status. See our introduction to the consultation for a brief overview.

Brentford East visualisation
Visualisation of "Brentford East" according to Great West Corridor

Reply to the survey by Monday 22 February using the questionnaire, via email to or via post to

Local Plan Review consultation
Planning Policy
Civic Centre
Lampton Rd TW3 4DN

February 12, 2016

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