Great West Corridor Issues Consultation

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Great West Corridor

Issues Consultation (pdf)

Hounslow Local Plan

Evidence Base

Plan to Extend 'Golden Mile' to Chiswick High Road
Move would give Council greater flexibility in planning matters in the area

Call for Greater Community Involvement
Development of Golden Mile needs wide public consultation

Hounslow's Local Plan selects entirety of Brentford as area for growth and regeneration


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Before Hounslow's Local Plan was adopted  last year several significant modifications were made on the recommendation of the Planning Inspector in order to make the plan sound.  These changes have resulted in the need for two new more detailed sets of policies   for the west end of the borough and the east end of the borough. These will impact on planning in these areas for the next 15 years.

The Council are currently consulting on the issues to be raised. This is not a consultation on the proposals but a preliminary  "What are the issues that might shape the policies that will be consulted on later in the year?"

The plan for our end of the borough is called The Great West Corridor which might confuse some of you who think that it merely applies to the Golden Mile. It doesn't - if you live in the east of the borough (especially Brentford, Chiswick and Osterley) it applies to you!

The Issues Consultation asks for your thoughts on 10 issues. The document has supplementary questions and asks for commentary. The online questionnaire does not need every answer filling in so you can skip issues, if you like. You are urged to fill in the questionnaire and have a say. Tick the box at the beginning  so you will be notified of future developments.

You can just read the Issues Consultation and respond to that on its own or you can read the mass of documentation about the Local Plan and the Evidence on which it is based (see links).

You might wish to ask for a presentation evening where Officers explain how this might affect you and answer questions. St Paul's church might be a suitable venue.

Great West Corridor

The ten issues are all important and are inter-related. Having provided a map showing the potential extent of the Great West Corridor (Issue 1) the document gives the Council’s strategic vision (Issue 2), this includes achieving:

  • economic and employment growth (Issue 3), and
  • additional housing growth (Issue 5).

What you need to consider is whether such levels of growth and types of development are in any way reasonable and whether they should/ how they could be delivered, given the existing amount of development that has been completed, is under construction or in the pipeline and the situation with respect to:

  • transport (Issue 4),
  • environmental quality – think - pollution and noise (Issue 6)
  • community infrastructure and local services (Issue 8)

and the need to promote high quality design and conserve heritage (Issue 7)

Such is the level of development already consented or coming forward in the so called “Kew Gate” area, that the Council is proposing fast-tracking an Interim Planning Framework for this area (Issue 9). This would not be subject to a full Local Plan style consultation process, inspection and adoption. Questions 22 and 23 ask for your comments on this framework. However, at present, it is not possible to provide any as the relevant document is not yet available. If relevant, indicate that you intend to provide comment within a reasonable time of the document being made available.

Please do present alternative names to the unsatisfactory "Kew Gate" name
Brentford East? Brentford Market?


Marie Rabouhans of West Chiswick and Gunnersbury Society commented "That residents now have an opportunity to help shape policy for this area is due in part to the input of BCC, WCGS and other resident groups during the Public Examination of the draft Local Plan last year. The concerns we raised as to the soundness of aspects of the plan relating to the Great West Corridor were endorsed by the Inspector. Without his required changes, a commitment to substantial growth would already be enshrined in the Plan. His Report contains a section on the Great West Corridor (paragraphs 47 – 56) which concludes (paragraph 54) that 'this Partial Review is necessary to settle locally controversial issues such as the provision of adequate transport and other infrastructure, suitable locations for taller buildings, and the area's suitability or otherwise for large scale residential development.' So now's your chance to have your say on these issues.

Reply to the survey by Monday 22 February using the questionnaire, via email to or via post to

Local Plan Review consultation
Planning Policy
Civic Centre
Lampton Rd TW3 4DN

Copy in your local ward councillors, Ruth Cadbury MP and even all councillors affected


Do copy in with your response.

February 11, 2016

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