Great West Corridor Issues Consultation

What are the issues that you might wish to raise?

Great West Corridor

Issues Consultation (pdf)

Hounslow Local Plan

Evidence Base

Plan to Extend 'Golden Mile' to Chiswick High Road
Move would give Council greater flexibility in planning matters in the area

Call for Greater Community Involvement
Development of Golden Mile needs wide public consultation

Hounslow's Local Plan selects entirety of Brentford as area for growth and regeneration


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Great West Corridor Issues Consultation

Further to the launch of the Great West Corridor Issues Consultation which will shape our community for decades to come are are some of the issues you might like to raise in your response:

1 What constitutes the Great West Corridor

The borough is covered by the Local Plan already. What defines whether an area is in the GWC or not? What are the benefits of being in or out?

2 A strategic vision

Which parts should be residential (pink in the map below), which for employment (purple)? What routes through the area, whether on foot, by train or in a car? Which A to B route would you like but doesn't work at the moment?

3 Achieving economic and employment growth

Multinationals along the A4 employ thousands. There is a focus from Hounslow on creative media. What types of jobs should there be and where should they be. What sort of business space is needed? Do we need more large businesses, small ones, industrial?

4 Transport

There are numerous long term transport improvements planned such as opening up rail line from the back of Sky to Southall, a new Overground link and the Boston "Boardwalk" to improve pedestrian access. Cycle lanes along the A4 are up for improvement.

What changes can be made to the roads, given the bottlenecks that exist? How do you attract more cyclists?
How/where do you improve buses?

Great West Corridor

5 Housing growth

We need more homes. Where should they be and what type? Should they include gardens, balconies, private open space, winter gardens.

6 Environment

Poor air quality and noise affect everybody. How can we improve the environment. How are small green spaces to continue; are they valued? How do we protect our open green spaces.

7 Appearance

Art deco buildings, past and present on the A4 are renowned the world over. What new legacy buildings can be built? What is meant by a tall building, how tall should they be and where? How do we protect our built and environmental heritage?

8 Infrastructure

What is needed to support housing and economic growth? Where should it go? This includes schools, shops and restaurants.

9 The need for an Interim Planning Framework for the "Kew Gate" area

Large changes are happening from Lionel Road Stadium to Wheatstone House including Capital Interchange Way and Chiswick roundabout. B&Q will be built on. How should this be planned? is quite proud of Brentford (warts and all) and hopes its readers agree. Kew Gate is not a satisfactory name. Brentford East? Brentford Market? Please find a name that represents the location.

10 Site Allocations

Site allocations are made for a number of key sites. Do you agree with the allocations? Should other sites be included? How do you decide?

What are planning tools and how are residents supposed to know which ones are relevant?

Spatial Strategy

Reply to the survey by Monday 22 February using the questionnaire, via email to or via post to

Local Plan Review consultation
Planning Policy
Civic Centre
Lampton Rd TW3 4DN

There will be a short presentation on this at IBAF this Thursday.

January 22, 2016

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