Poppy Box Thief Strikes in Brentford

Man chooses Armistice Day to steal cash donations

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A man who has appears to have decided to specialise in stealing from poppy collection boxes has struck in Brentford.

The balding man aged about 50 years of age was seen by shop staff in the act of taking the cash at Homebase on Armistice Day, Saturday 11th November.

He was chased by a store manager but managed to get away. He was smartly dressed in a dark suit.

The day before a man of a very similar discription had been caught on camera (see picture right) stealing the collection money from the Royal Hospital ex-Serviceman’s home in Chelsea.

A Royal British Legion spokesman told the Sun newspaper that he was ‘outraged’.

The police are advising anyone collecting for charity to ensure that any cash they raise is held securely.

November 14, 2006