Brentford Man 'Pleasured' Himself on Bridge

Court rules Frank Murphy could have caused M25 accident

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A Brentford man is facing a large fine and a serious amount of personal embarrassment after being convicted of indecent exposure. 53 year old Frank Murphy was reported to have been drinking heavily when he decided to go to a bridge over the M25 and 'pleasure himself' in plain view of startled drivers between junctions 8 and 9.

Magistrates at a court in Redhill fined him £1,000 and said that he could have caused a serious accident. He was warned that if he repeated the offence he could be jailed but on this occasion the court took into account his previous good behaviour.

Police started to receive calls about a man on the bridge at around 3.30pm on July 25th earlier this year. They described a man who was naked apart from pants and trousers round his ankles thrusting his hips at passing traffic. A police officer driving underneath the bridge told the court how he saw a man rubbing himself vigorously.

When the police arrived at the bridge they could not find anyone there but further reports of similar behaviour were received later that day. Murphy was caught and arrested. His defence council explained that his client was elated because he and his partner had managed to sell their house that day.

November 3, 2006