Credit card fraudsters sought by police

CCTV reveals possible credit card cloners at work

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If you recognise them, or any of the items pictured, please telephone 020 8247 6443 where your calls will be taken in the strictest confidence. Alternatively if you have any information about other crimes or wish to stay anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Police are seeking information on a case of attempted deception, which occurred on 6th November 2004 at 4.47pm in the Comet store on Syon Lane, Brentford.

The suspects entered the store and one suspect asked a member of staff for a particular Digital DVD camcorder. The member of staff got the item for the suspect. The suspect handed the member of staff a credit card to pay for the item. The credit card was declined; the suspect left the store empty handed. The credit card was a cloned credit card.

Police would like to speak to the following suspects about this attempted deception:

  • Arab looking male, aged around 35 years with short black hair and a black beard, wearing black trousers, brown shirt and cream sleeveless top
  • Arab looking male, aged around 25 years, short black hair, wearing blue jeans and a dark jacket with a grey hood .

Anyone with any information is asked to call 020 8247 6443 where your calls will be taken in the strictest confidence.

Jan 4 2005