Crime falls in Brentford area

Concern over recent increases in burglaries

Crime levels have fallen in the Brentford area over the last year.

The figues have been released by local Police in the form of a report to the Brentford and Isleworth Area Committee and concern the four wards of Brentford, Syon, Isleworth and Osterley + Spring Grove. The full report can be seen by clicking here.


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In total, crime fell by 10% over the year May 2203 - April 2004 compared with the same period 2002 - 2003. There was a 20% fall in the number of burglaries, although there is some concern that this total has risen slightly in recent months. The fall was highest in the Osterley ward, with Syon Ward - stretching from Brentford High Street to West Mid Hospital - showing a small increase. Clearup rates for these offences are slightly less than that for London as a whole, with 9% of cases being resolved compared to 10% accross London.

All wards showed a decrease in violent offences, although there is again some concern at recent increases. Criminal damage is down, although there is concern over the concentration of offences in Syon ward.

The figures will be discussed at the next meeting of the Area Committee. Open to the public, this will be held at Brentford Free Church on Boston Manor Rd on Thursday 1st July at 7.30.

20 June 2004

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