Jealous Brentford Man Kills Lover

Claims she taunted him with details of sexual exploits

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A Brentford man is standing trial after killing his girlfriend in a fit of jealous rage.

Christopher Campbell, aged 45, of Green Lawn Lane, who worked in a shed factory appeared at the Old Bailey this week. He told the court how he enjoyed bondage and threesomes with his girlfried Alison Hall who worked at a nursery in Twickenham. He made contact with other men through the internet and encourage them to have sex with Ms. Hall while he watched.

However, he claims that on October 11th of last year she started taunting him with details of her exploits with other men causing him to stab her 18 times. After that he had a shower and took money and car keys from her purse left the flat leaving her two young sons asleep. He drove away before stopping some time later to report the incident to the emergency services. On his arrest he confessed to murder but has changed his plea on the basis that he was not aware of the 'statutory defence of provocation.'

The trial continues.

December 6, 2007