Almost 1,400 Objections to Appropriation

Hefty petition submitted objecting to loss of Brent Lea Recreation Ground


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Hounslow Council issued a notice of their intention to appropriate Brent Lea Recretation Ground for the purposes of enabling Floreat Brentford to build their two year temporary site.

In response to this last Friday members of the Save Our Rec group hand delivered a joint letter with 1,390 objections. The objections comprise:

- Breach and Betrayal of Trust
- Breach of terms and the sanctity of the original Restrictive Covenant
- Loss of Public Open Space
- Disruption due to construction, additional traffic and potential commercial use
- Temporary Use would undoubtedly change into permanent loss of openn space.

Brent Lea

The objections will be considered early next week by Alan Adams Director of Children and Adults Services, who is currently standing in for the Chief Executive whilst she is on holiday, in consultation with the Leader of the council, Cllr Steve Curran.

If the decision is made not to appropriate the land then the process stops there. If the decision is made to appropriate Brent Lea it could be implemented without delay. The archaeological survey would have to be carried out while the council disposes of the land under section 233 of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. 

Whilst Floreat have announced their decision to use the ground floor of Trico House as their temporary site they are still looking at Brent Lea as a permanent home for their school. They will be discussing the arrangements with Trico House shortly.             

To date...

Brentford is in need of extra primary and secondary places, and existing schools have had extra classes added where possible.

Find the planning application by visiting planning search (agreeing T&Cs, and then selecting "search planning applications") and then entering 00707/AK/P1 in the box marked Planning number.

There was a public meeting on 28th May to discuss the temporary application.

Letters from Brentford Community Council to LBH on this issue.

The temporary application was approved at Planning Committee on 4th June (see both item 4 and the addendum report item 11). Cllr Elizabeth Hughes stated that she would have voted against it had the application been for a permanent building.

The agenda, decisions and minutes from Cabinet meeting on 16th June, where the recommendations were unanimously approved.

The agenda, decisions and minutes from Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 15th July where the decision to send it back to Cabinet for review was unanimously approved. There will be a formal wording of the decision to come that is legally appropriate. The meeting was live-tweeted (scroll down).

The sequential assessment of school sites can be downloaded (scroll down to the Education heading).

The agenda, decisions and minutes from Cabinet meeting on 21st July, where the recommendations were unanimously approved.

Petition to Save Hounslow's Green Spaces on 38 degrees.

Petition to Save Brent Lea Recreation Ground on

Invitation to respond to potential appropriation of Brent Lea Rec.

Announcement of the decision to use Trico House as temporary site for Floreat.

August 4, 2015

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