Advertisements refused but Smart Tower to go ahead

Councillors decide on rash of advertising applications

The Brentford and Isleworth Area Committee sat on Thursday 21 Oct to decide on a series of planning applications, including a number of advertisement hoardings.

A Smart Tower - coming soon to the Great West Road

"West London to become one big advertising hoarding" - read the views on our forum

These included an application to build a 9 metre tower at the Alfa Lavel site to support two huge illuminated advertisements aimed at drivers on the M4 plus four more hoardings on the site, a 29 metre tower next to the 'Parkview' building to support another hoarding aimed at M4 traffic and three huge hoardings that will cover the east, west and north sides of Westgate House, the derelict building on the corner of Ealing Road and the Great West Road. The north-facing poster will say 'Regenerating Brentford' and carry an advertisement for a property company. Westgate House is due to be demolished as part of the plans for the North Brentford Quarter.

However, the applications were either unsuccessful or were withdrawn on the night. Planning officers had recommended refusal of all the above plans on various grounds concerning dangers to the safety of drivers and the lack of co-ordination with surrounding properties.

Approval was granted to a 20 metre 'Smart Car' tower on the Mercedes Benz site opposite Wallis House on the M4. The tower, which will rise 12m above the height of the M4, will contain 4 Smart Cars on each storey with an illuminated sign at the top. An important part of the Smart corporate image in Europe, it will be the first of its kind in the UK. The Brentford Community Council had recommended refusal, calling it an 'advertising gimmick'.

22 Oct 2004

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