Spa De Sal
Salt therapy for respiratory and skin conditions

Spa de Sal has now been in operation for just over a year. In that time, they have welcomed hundreds of clients from across the Greater London area and from as far as Berkshire and Surrey. Ailments have ranged from coughs/colds, asthma and sinusitis through to more serious lungs issues involving scaring such as COPD.

People have attended, specially organised, mindfulness and meditation workshops. These ad hoc sessions were conducted in Spa de Sal's Adult Room on yoga mats and involved basic yoga breathing technique, a great compliment for the salt therapy session.

Clients have included people training for the London and Berlin Marathons; opera singers; and fitness fanatics wanting to expand their lung capacity. These people saw improvement in their breathing and, post event, returned for sessions to repair their muscles with the help of the anti-inflammatory properties of salt.

Being only one of three salt room providers in the whole of London, TW8 residents may think themselves lucky to have this facility on their doorstep. We hear through the media that air pollution levels are high; the number of respiratory cases being admitted to hospital is increasing; and antibiotics won't be working for us in the future if we continue to overuse them. Therefore, parallel to our government and local authorities focusing on improving air quality, we as individuals need to find ways to improve and protect our lung conditions. Could salt therapy at Spa de Sal be a solution?

Salt therapy offers a natural solution to cleansing your lungs and improving your breathing. Each session, relaxing in a comfortable lounger - being surrounded by salt on the floor and on the walls to simulate the conditions of a natural salt cave lasts for one hour. During that time tiny particles of medicated salt enter your airways to clear any excess mucus; eliminate toxins; reduce any inflammation; and help improve your immune system.

We really recommend that you check out Spa de Sal's website to learn more about salt therapy and about Matilda Goes', the proprietor's, personal story. 020 8582 8971

February 12, 2019

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