Local MP Mary Macleod on the Comprehensive Spending Review

"I know that many of you are fearful"


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As we all know, the Government has announced the details of the long-awaited Spending Review which sets out the Government’s spending plan for the next four years. 

The Chancellor said in his Budget earlier this year, reducing the deficit is “the most urgent task facing this country”. At £109 billion pounds, we have the largest structural deficit in Europe and are paying £43 billion a year in debt interest – that’s £120 million per day.

The Spending Review has looked in detail at the spending of each Department to assess whether it is essential, whether it has to be funded by the Government and if so, can it be provided at lower cost? Fundamental to the review are the principles of fairness and growth which have guided the decision making every step of the way.

Mary Macleod, MP for the Brentford & Isleworth constituency commented: “I believe this Government has been strong and refused to turn away from its responsibilities.  Faced with an economic crisis of unprecedented size left by the Labour Government, we have stood firm and taken the difficult decisions necessary to ensure the long-term future for Brentford & Isleworth and the country as a whole.”

Mary went on to say: “I know that many of you are fearful of the impact of the cuts and what it will mean for you and your families but there is no doubt that without this decisive action, our economic future would certainly have been far worse. I am pleased that, even in these difficult times, we have been able to provide a real increase in the schools budget as well as maintaining our commitment to Crossrail and tube upgrades, putting right the injustice of the Equitable Life scandal and keeping vital benefits for pensioners such as free TV licences for over 75s, free bus passes, eye tests and prescription charges and the permanent increase in the Cold Weather Payments.

“At a local level, I have received confirmation from the Department for Transport that the Hounslow Highways Maintenance Project will receive funding. It is excellent news that this significant project to upgrade, operate and maintain our local road network will go ahead.”

October 22, 2010