EU Exit Would Have “Huge Cost Implications” for Business

Says Hounslow-based DHL

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Sarah Ludford MEP
Sarah Ludford MEP

Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP
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International logistics company DHL, which has its UK headquarters in Hounslow, has warned that leaving the EU would have “huge cost implications for businesses” in Britain.

In a submission to the government’s review of Britain’s relationship with the EU, DHL said that the European single market allows for the free and unimpeded movement of goods, which enables them to reduce journey times for goods moving internationally. This benefits the wider supply chain, as it ensures that deliveries are quicker and more predictable.

DHL warned that if Britain left the EU this would result in the overnight reinstatement of full customs controls at UK border points, adding millions of Euros in additional costs to DHL’s Express division alone.

Liberal Democrat MEP for London Sarah Ludford commented:

“As DHL makes clear, access to the European Single Market makes it much easier for companies to do business both in Britain and in Europe.”

“And this makes London a more attractive destination for companies looking to invest. If the UK was to leave the EU this would significantly increase the operating costs for businesses based in this country. I’m concerned that this would discourage companies from investing in London, and about the knock-on effect that this would have on jobs across the capital.”

“Liberal Democrats are campaigning for Britain to remain ‘in Europe, in Work’ to ensure that businesses continue to have access to the European Single Market and to protect the many thousands of jobs in London that linked to our membership of the EU.”

February 27, 2014

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