Conservatives 'Working Together For Hounslow'

The party launches its local election manifesto

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Hounslow borough Conservatives would cut the number of councillors by a third, press for a 'fair parking' policy, introduce 'street volunteers', and tackle litter and the housing deficit, according to their local election manifesto.

They also want an urgent review of Hounslow Highways and its customer services particularly in relation to new street lights.

Local Conservatives have launched what they describe as "a bold and exciting" local election manifesto, covering issues "from cleaning to greening, parking to planning and finance to fun" The manifesto is entitled 'Working together for Hounslow and contains their top seven promises to the electorate;

Councils are only half way through the cuts and savings that they have had to make to help reduce Labour’s deficit. There will have to be some tough decisions over the next few years but we promise to always deliver the best services and to keep your Council Tax as low as possible.

We were promised clean streets but the current Labour Council is just not delivering. Street cleaning and litter removal will always be a top priority, and graffiti will not become the scourge of communities it once was. We will increase the amount of waste that we recycle.

Introduce a fair parking policy by updating parking enforcement guidance to support local shops, tackling wrongly-issued fines, reviewing unnecessary yellow lines and the grace period for parking offences.

An ‘all in one’ card that gives residents preferential rates for council parking (30 minutes free parking) and leisure facilities, access to libraries, and discounts at participating businesses.

These will act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community, to help get things fixed and make a real difference to their local area and across the borough.

We will ask the Boundary Commission to cut the number of councillors by a third to get them working harder and to ensure that taxpayers are getting a good deal.

We want to make it easier for everyone to get on the housing ladder so new homes are essential. We will deliver more good schools to ensure our children have the education they need.

Speaking at the launch of the manifesto, Councillor Peter Thompson, Leader of Hounslow Conservatives said: “Across the Borough we have talked to many residents over the last four years in order to find out what their priorities are.

"We have a clear vision and are the only party that has a detailed manifesto that will lead to a cleaner Hounslow, safer communities, a greener environment, new opportunities for young and old, a parking revolution and greater value for money. With us you know exactly where we stand on the on the big questions of our time - the questions that will decide the future of our borough.

"Especially welcome has been the number of people who have said how much they agree with our top seven priorities for our Borough.

"Residents have a clear choice between a Labour administration, which has run out of ideas or a Conservative administration which will keep costs down, improve frontline services and deliver value for money.
We are passionate about Hounslow and want the best for all who live and work in our Borough. We will always put the people of the Borough at the heart of everything we do. If you share our vision please don’t leave it to others. Vote Conservative on 22nd May.”

Other manifesto highlights include:
• A commitment to put the needs of current and future residents ahead of those of developers. Under Labour, developers of large developments have been able to get away without thinking of the real impact on school places, doctors surgeries and parking. We will ensure that the infrastructure required to support any development is fully understood before being agreed.

• Action to tackle the scandal of council homes being left empty for months and, in some cases, years.

• A clamp down on those developers who break their planning permission. Hounslow has been seen as a soft touch for too long by developers who break the conditions of their planning permission. We will have better and consistent enforcement of planning permissions and will ensure that developers know they can no longer break the rules and think that they won’t get caught.

• A promise to build new schools.

• Making our Borough age friendly by fully supporting the London Age UK “Making The Most Of Older People” Manifesto.

• An urgent review of the performance of Hounslow Highways. Street lamps that are excessively bright will be dimmed and badly placed lamps will be moved. Customer services at Hounslow Highways needs to improve rapidly and consultation with local residents will be real and meaningful.

• Introduce 20’s Plenty Zones, where 20mph becomes the speed limit on residential and urban streets often without the need for any physical calming, where residents want them.

• A number of measures to increase democracy at Hounslow.

You can read all about the local election candidates for the borough here.


May 2, 2014