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Living Streets

It's no laughing matter. Your vital shops and services can be transformed without planning permission or communities having a say. Unbelievably, the government is looking at making this kind of development even easier.

Living Streets, the national charity that stands up for pedestrians, believes everybody should have a say when buildings get turned into something new. We want your help keep essential shops and services within walking distance.

Eric Pickles, the Secretary of State for Communities, is now reviewing the planning rules for when buildings change their use. Without immediate public support the shops and services that you walk to in your neighbourhood may be at risk.

Please take a few moments to ask your readers to join other Living Streets supporters and support our campaign. Don't let your high streets get taken over by cheque-cashing shops, fast-food takeaways and betting shops.

Feel free to contact Ruth Billingham at if you would like further resources to help promote the campaign on your website.

81% of us think that communities should have a say when buildings change their use. Let's make it happen.

Living Streets is a national campaign that has been working since 1929 to make the streets we live, work, shop and play in safe, attractive and enjoyable spaces.

"We are all pedestrians, and our streets are the one public space we all use, everyday. At Living Streets, we think that they are worth fighting for. With our supporters, we work to create streets that really put people first. When we have streets we want to walk in, lives are transformed - we are healthier, happier and more sociable."


August 2, 2011