Arbour "Out of Touch" With Commuters

"Relatively few Londoners use London transport"

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Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group

Tony Arbour’s quote at the London Assembly plenary session on 9 February 2012 can be watched here at 59 minutes into proceedings.

His 2011-12 expense claim as a London Assembly member, showing his claim for a zone 1-6 travelcard, can be viewed here (pdf).


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Tony Arbour, South West London Tory GLA Member, claimed at City Hall yesterday that not many Londoners use public transport, whilst defending the Mayor’s fare hikes.

At a meeting of the London Assembly to discuss the Mayor’s budget, Tony Arbour defended the 7% fare hike by saying, “It is a fact is it not that relatively few Londoners use London transport in any way?  Most people don’t use London Transport with any sense of regularity.”

Munira Wilson, Liberal Democrat South West London GLA candidate said, “These comments are absolutely shocking and show just how out of touch Mr Arbour is with his own constituents.  Thousands of local residents across the London Boroughs of Richmond, Kingston and Hounslow – the areas he supposedly represents – use public transport every single day.  They have been hit by an inflation-busting 7% hike in fares, whilst their GLA member stands idly by doing nothing and pretending they simply don’t exist.

“Perhaps Mr Arbour fails to feel their pain because he claims on expenses the cost of his zone 1-6 season ticket to travel to City Hall, whilst most residents pay from their own pocket to get to their place of work.

“Not only have the Liberal Democrats at City Hall proposed a £13 reduction per household in the GLA precept of the council tax, they have also put forward a package of measures to make fares fairer, particularly for those on low incomes.  It’s time for a local GLA member who will stand up for hard-pressed local residents and make their case at City Hall.”

Tony Arbour has been asked for a comment.

February 10, 2012