Comedians Put Through Their Paces at Jongleurs

Alison Porter gets three for a tenner at Hammersmith's new comedy club


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Rutland Grove
Hammersmith, London
W6 9DJ
Tel: 08700 111 960

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Live comedy is a double-edged sword - fabulous when it’s on the money and curiously flat when it isn’t. Luckily for us, Jongleurs is bringing some great acts to its new Saturday night ‘pop-up’ comedy club at The Hammersmith Club.

A full house of brave souls fought their way through dismal weather and blocked roads by Hammersmith Bridge to watch three comedians being put through their paces on Valentine’s eve. They were not disappointed.

At first sight the venue seems a little ‘church hall’ to feel like a proper club, but once the lights are dimmed and the show’s underway, you can settle back and be entertained - not only by the performers, but by the audience as well.

Come the end of the night, hecklers with Dutch courage purchased from the bar start giving the acts a run for their money and fail miserably. That alone is worth the price of admission.

Compere Janey Godley got the party started with some deft observations of the audience. A feisty Glaswegian, she seemed mesmerised by the well-behaved west London crowd.
Two comedians perform in the opening section, followed by another after the interval.

First up was Andrew Bird, whose observational pieces ranged from topical news to the hazards of romantic relationships. His liveliness was thrown into contrast by the deadpan delivery of Anthony King, a quirky comedian whose schtick is wordplay and the surreal. He claims to amuse himself by asking for a cordless extension leads in DIY stores. Think about it ...

Rounding out the night was Ben Norris, clearly a veteran of the comedy circuit. From the moment he walks on stage with a pint in hand, you know you’re in for a totally improvised, interactive ride. Over-confident hecklers? No problem. His comedy is edgy and very, very dry.

If you just want to see the show, tickets are £10 and you’ll be in the seating at the front. Invest another £8 and you’ll get to sit at a table and enjoy a Filipino dish from the Port of Manila restaurant while you watch it all unfold before you.

Don’t assume this is just for the younger crowd - although the after-show dancing probably is - as the audience can be a real mixture of ages, couples and friends on a night out. Everyone’s there for a laugh and it shows. All power to Jongleurs for putting comedy right on our doorstep.

To book online go to or call the ticket hotline on 08700 111960. The Hammersmith Club is at Rutland Grove, W6 9DJ. A new Jongleurs night in Notting Hill opens at The Tabernacle on 27 February.

Alison Porter

February 18, 2010