Plan For Second Wheelie Bin For Homes Scrapped

Hounslow Council opts to retain weekly kerbside sorting for recyclables

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The possibility of homes in the Brentford and Chiswick areas having to find space for a second wheelie bin seems to have receded after a recent decision by Hounslow Council.

Some consideration had been given to the scrapping of weekly kerbside collections of dry recyclables to be replaced by a new system of 'commingling' in which they would be collected every fortnight in a 240-litre wheeled bin.

Hounslow has already committed to move to a system of fortnightly collection for general waste despite protests from local residents. In the event, it was decided to retain the current weekly kerbside sorted service.

A report by a consultant given to the Council earlier this year had considered a switch to commingled collections. Eunomia stated that commingled collection have 'marginally less benefit' than manually sorting at the kerbside but they could increase the participation in recycling schemes by householders.

Ealing borough, which serves homes in the north of Chiswick has already made the decision to switch to commingled collections from Spring 2016.

Hounslow's current contract with SITA to collect waste in the borough ends in 2016. The Council's wholly owned and controlled trading company Lampton 360 have been asked to prepare a detailed business case for the delivery of the waste and recycling service.

Wheelie bins being rolled out across the borough, Council leader Steve Curran in centre front row

December 29, 2015

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