Councillor Paul Lynch Visits Nepal

At the invitation of retired Ghurkas who live in the Borough


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Mayor of Hounslow, Councillor Paul Lynch, visited Nepal earlier this month at the invitation of retired Ghurkas who live in the Borough.

He was met with flowers and khatta (traditional silk scarves of greeting) on arrival at Kathmandu and again when he visited the town of Pokhara, home to Tul Bahadur Pun VC.

Cllr Lynch, who funded the trip entirely out of his own pocket, said, “It was wonderful to be feted in this way. My friends made it real home from home. Many of those I met I had met before in England, and a friendly face in a foreign is a very welcome sight, even though most faces in Nepal are friendly.

"The reception at Pokhara was so wonderful, a once in a life-time event, such a crowd to turn out to see me. It was a far greater crowd than I would ever get in Hounslow, and certainly more flowers. I spent the first hour of my stay flower-arranging in my hotel room.”

He was entertained with meals in restaurants and in private homes, interviewed by the Kathmandu Post and shown the wonderful sights of the country. “Everyone was very generous,” he said, “especially the family of Tul Bahadur Pun VC.

"They entertained me in the most traditional way, and made me an honoured guest in their home. It is a rare privilege. I was able to tell them how Tul Bahadur is honoured and respected in our community.”

The Chiswick resident said he was completely bowled over by the magnificence of the Himalayas, which he saw on the aeroplane tour to Mount Everest and at Sarangot.

“Words are quite inadequate to describe their magnificence. It is something everyone should see. I knew it would be a wonderful sight but it was so far beyond my expectation.

Seeing the sun rise at Sarangot, gradually lighting those snow-capped peaks made we wish I could capture in it verse like Wordsworth or Yeats.”

Coming home, usually such an anti-climax, brought another demonstration of enthusiasm from his Ghurka friends, who met him at Heathrow with garlands and flowers. “Dharma Tamang and the chaps could party anywhere. It has never been such fun arriving at dull old Heathrow.”

October 28, 2009