Leader’s Question Time

Residents' chance to grill Council about environment or leisure issues


To take part register at www.hounslow.gov.uk/leadersquestiontime or contact the scrutiny office at scrutiny@hounslow.gov.uk or on 020 8583 2462.

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The Leader, alongside other members of Hounslow’s Council's executive, will once again be in the hot seat on 8 July.

The Leader’s Question Time event, organised by the council’s overview and scrutiny committee, will give residents the chance to grill the panel about any environment or leisure issues.

Cllr Peter Carey, chair of the overview and scrutiny committee, said, “Successful councils spend time and effort communicating with those they represent.

“This has to be a two-way process, so that any decisions we make that affect residents are informed by what they tell us.

“Councillors are also accountable to local people, and this is a chance for them to ask the most senior figures at the council about the work they are doing in their name.

"I urge anyone who wants to come along to air their views and listen to what we have to say in response to get in touch. It would be great to see as many people as possible in the audience.”

Cllr Peter Thompson, Leader of the Council, said: “Too often people feel that the council can be distant and impersonal, and that we don’t have any interest in what they have to say. However, we are very committed to improving the dialogue between ourselves and the people who live here.

“By inviting people to come and ask us directly about what concerns them, we can explain face to face about what we are doing, and can take away a better idea of what local people want us to do.”

Panellists will not know the questions beforehand. If a question is not answered on the night, an answer will be sent within ten days of the event.

To make sure there is a broad range of questions and that none are duplicated, anyone who wants to take part in the event is being asked to register at www.hounslow.gov.uk/leadersquestiontime or by contacting the scrutiny office at scrutiny@hounslow.gov.uk or on 020 8583 2462.

Anyone who wants to attend, but doesn’t want to ask a question, should also register to make sure there is enough space.

Leaders Question Time takes place on 8 July at the Civic Centre on Lampton Road, Hounslow.

The question session starts at 18:30 and runs until 20:30. Doors open at 17:45 and light refreshments will be available.

June 22, 2009