National ID Fraud Prevention Week

Police focus on improving student awareness

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This year National ID Fraud Prevention Week takes place from 17th October to Friday 21st October. The aim of the campaign is to improve fraud awareness of students or individuals in a similar position. Analysis shows these groups as the most vulnerable to this form of crime.

The key messages for the 2011 campaign are;
1. Your ID is as valuable as cash – if stolen it could cost you money and time.

2. Be careful what you reveal about yourself and where. Don’t put too much personal information on social networking sites and generally be very cautious how you use you details online.

3. NEVER give your PIN to anyone

4. Use only trusted and secure websites. If a website looks dodgy, it probably is – Don’t enter ANY personal information.

5. Use strong passwords and PINS for everything.

6. Don’t leave bank statements, mobile phone or utility bills lying around – either file them or shred them.

7. Getting your ID stolen can have long term consequences – your credit may be adversely affected which might stop you from buying or renting homes and applying for credit cards or loans.

Operation Sterling is leading the MPS response and has been attending Fresher’s Fair in conjunction with local Safer Neighbourhood Teams at University Campuses around London including Brunel, London School of Economics, University of Kingston, University of Westminster, Imperial College and Queen Mary’s University.

At Queen Mary’s University Operation Sterling was joined by colleagues from Mile End SNT, Safer Transport and SCD2 Project Sapphire. Along with ID fraud prevention advice students were given general crime prevention advice. Additionally, Operation Sterling has given ID Fraud Prevention presentations to students at Middlesex University, University of Westminster and Imperial College.

A/Det Supt Nick Downing said, “The response to officers who have attended Fresher’s Fairs has been fantastic. ID Fraud is not a victimless crime and can have serious implications to those who have suffered from it, potentially for years. Universities not only attract students from UK but also worldwide. We want them to enjoy their time in London and ensure that their stay is crime free”.

Officers from Operation Sterling have organised a one day conference at City Hall Marylebone on Wednesday 19th October 2011 with presentations about preventing this crime to an invited audience from University Principals and Staff, Safer Neighbourhood Teams based in universities and National Union of Students representatives.


October 5, 2011