Boris Needs To Get Behind National Walking Month

Designed to encourage people to increase the amount of walking they do

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The charity Living Streets marks National Walking Month in May, which is designed to encourage people to increase the amount of walking they do. There will be special weeks to encourage people to walk instead of using other modes of transport:

• 13-17 May is Walk to Work Week
• 20-24 May is Walk to School Week

Londonwide Labour Assembly Member Fiona Twycross said:
“I am very supportive of any scheme that encourages people to walk or cycle more. We need our Mayor to lead the way on this. There are a number of things that the Mayor can do to encourage more people to walk to work or school, such as implement road safety schemes, introduce and enforce 20mph zones and improve pedestrian facilities.

“The Mayor has recently published his vision for cycling in London, but what we need is a plan for increasing the number of people who walk. Walking is free, keeps you fit and healthy, and is a sustainable alternative to taking the bus. It helps keep our air clean and our streets quieter and safer. According to the British Medical Association people who are physically active reduce their risk of premature death and of developing major chronic diseases, like coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes by up to 50%, and the risk of premature death by up to 30%.

“We currently spend £2.5 billion a year on treating obesity, it’s time we had a plan to get as many people as possible walking more. I call on the Mayor to produce a vision for walking, so we can ensure that the future of Londoners is fit, healthy and sustainable.”

May 9, 2013