M4 Bus Lane 'Hardly Being Enforced'

Handful of penalty notices issued to drivers who wrongly use the lane each year


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The M4 bus lane is hardly being enforced according to BBC London with only a handful of penalty notices issued to drivers who wrongly use the lane each year.

In 2008 only 14 £60 fines were issued and a mere six so far this year.

The findings prompted minicab companies, who are currently not allowed to use the lane, to tell their drivers to use it.

The 3.5 mile lane which runs on the eastbound carriage way from Heathrow into central London was launched in 1999 however, there are no dedicated cameras watching who is using it. A spokeswoman told BBC that policing it is not a priority. "The Met is constantly balancing our aim to improve safety on London's roads with making the most effective use of road policing resources. While officers will enforce non-criminal road traffic offences wherever possible, we will always prioritise resources for activity that can reduce casualties."

Buses, coaches, motorbikes, emergency vehicles and licensed taxis are all entitled to use the bus lane which did initially improve journey times for all type of traffic. However, according to the AA, it is now 'under-used and under-policed'. A spokesperson for the motoring organisation said, "If we can't find ways to make it more efficient perhaps it should be opened to all."


September 12, 2009