Mother and Baby Rescued by Chiswick RNLI

Lifeboat called after two year old girl fell into the Thames at Isleworth

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A mother and a baby girl were rescued from the Thames this Sunday (27th January) by the crew of the Chiswick RNLI lifeboat.

Soon after 5pm a 2 year old toddler fell through railings into the river at Isleworth. Her mother immediately jumped in after her. A passer-by called 999.

London Ambulance Service paramedics happened to be on a training exercise nearby so arrived very quickly and managed to throw a line to the woman but were unable to reach her.

London Coastguard had alerted Chiswick RNLI Lifeboat which launched at 5:06 pm and arrived on scene seven minutes later. The mother and baby were quickly retrieved into the Lifeboat and wrapped in blankets. The baby was crying and the mother was able to confirm there were no other persons in the water. The lifeboat then moved to the slipway next to the London Apprentice pub where the casualties were handed into the care of the paramedics. They were taken to West Middlesex hospital to be checked over.

Chiswick RNLI Helmsman Rob Archibald commented “Because the water was over 8 feet deep and a long way below the river walkway, the rescue could only be carried out by boat. As the RNLI lifeboats on the tidal Thames are ready 24/7 to launch within 90 seconds, we were able to reach these casualties before they came to serious harm”

Chiswick RNLI Lifeboat is the second busiest in the UK and Ireland; since starting service in 2002, has attended over 2200 incidents and rescued over 1040 people.


January 27, 2013