Tobacco Vote A Victory For E-Cig Campaigners

As European Parliament votes not to treat them as medicines


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Liberal Democrat MEPs today won a major victory for e-cigarette users when the European Parliament backed their amendment which will ensure e-cigs are available for sale on the same basis as tobacco cigarettes, and not regulated as medicines as the Labour MEP leading on the legislation wanted.

LibDem MEP for London Sarah Ludford pictured right said:
“Every year 700,000 people in Europe die of smoking-related disease. Many of my constituents have written to tell me how they have quit tobacco by switching to electronic cigarettes. Today’s vote will help more of them to do so, and as an ex-smoker I'm proud to have helped secure that result.”

"E-cigarettes are successful precisely because they are not medicines but products that smokers enjoy using as an alternative to cigarettes. It would be crazy to makes e-cigs harder to obtain than tobacco cigarettes.”

"I applaud the vigorous and effective people's campaign which has led to this victory. Now we must convince the 28 governments too."

October 8, 2013