Latest MPs' Expense Claims Published

Ann Keen welcomes "an end to frequent misreporting of information"

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The latest expense claims made by MPs have been published today, Friday 11th September. Documents and receipts from each MP have been scanned electronically and are available for the public to view online.

This latest series of documents relate to MPs' claims dating back to 2004/05 and up to 2008/09 and the first quarter of 2009/10 and show what MPs have claimed including second home allowances.

Brentford and Isleworth MP Ann Keen’s expenses can be viewed here.

In a joint statement, Ann Keen MP and her husband Alan Keen MP said, "We have advocated, strongly supported, and voted for, the introduction of Freedom of Information legislation.

"We are pleased that the point has been reached when full details of MP's expenses are being published on a regular basis for everyone to see and trust that it will bring an end to the frequent misreporting of information."

When questioned about over claiming for service charges on their Westminster apartment they said, "It is possible that occasional mistakes can be made in completing individual claims quickly during the year but at the end of each fiscal year we always produce a reconciliation of the total annual figures fully supported by invoices and bank statements.

“The final claim for the fiscal year is calculated to correct any differences that might possibly have arisen. In the 2008/09 fiscal year, with frequently reducing interest rates, claims made slightly in advance of each of the bank's new calculations tended to produce differences. The final annual reconciliation is always 100% correct.

“In our experience, in contrast to media reports, the House of Commons "Fees Office" has always acted meticulously in authorising and auditing claims."


December 11, 2009