Bees Lacked Attacking Ability

Brentford 0 - 1 Stevenage

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Brentford's 1-0 loss at home to Stevenage will live in the memory for a long time for being one of the most soul-less displays seen by a Brentford team over recent years

Stevenage - who just about deserved the win - are not a good team but frankly looked better organised and wanted to win more. Not a lot more, sadly, but enough to take the three points back to suburbia

Brentford were without invention and drive throughout the match with Uwe's team brave enough to pass the ball endlessly across the back line but not brave enough to take it forwards. That's about 2/10 on the brave scale then.

I can't think of any real Bees highlights but I can remember the same Stevenage player winning two headers in succession in the lead up to their goal.

Karleigh Osborne left GP in a protective plastic boot but it's hard to see his distribution being any worse than Lleras or Woodmans even with the artificial surround.

Some players were mediocre rather than dreadful - I'd include Lee, Dave, Logan, Bean, McGinn and sub Eger in this category.

Overall it was a pathetic night's entertainment from a group of players who went vaguely through the motions and didn't seem to understand that we should attack teams at home. There are no leaders in our squad and our attacking players are - on this showing - not brave enough to want the ball. Not good enough.

Bees - Lee, Logan, Woodman (Adams), Llera, KO (Eger), Dave, Bean, JD, McGinn, Donaldson, Weston (Grella)

With thanks to beesotted for their match report

November 11, 2011

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