The End of The Good Life Is Not Yet Nigh

After Government Denies Plans To Remove Statutory Protections for Allotments

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Announcing the end of the 'Good Life' may have been premature after the Government denies plans to remove statutory protections for allotments.

According to a report in The Independent on Sunday, the century-old right of people to demand an allotment from their council could be in line for abolition by the Government under plans to scale back red tape.

Whilst Communities Secretary Eric Pickles is reviewing "old and unnecessary duties imposed on councils in order to free them up from Whitehall red tape" he says the treat to allotments is "simply untrue".

The article suggested that cash strapped councils could look to sell off allotment land for housing or development.

Responding to the claim that the review of local government's statutory duties could threaten the future of allotments a spokesperson for the Department for Communities and Local Government said: "This is simply untrue we will not remove statutory protections for allotments or any frontline services. However the Government is reviewing old and unnecessary duties imposed on councils in order to free them up from Whitehall red tape and as part of this we have published the full list of duties which includes allotments."

Allotment gardening is a one of very few recreational activities which has its own legislation.

The representative body for the allotment movement, National Society of Allotment and Leisure Gardeners (NSALG) originates from a 1901 members' cooperative. The Society is owned, managed and funded by its members to protect, promote and preserve allotments for future generations to enjoy. Members can also have their say at the Annual General Meeting, by appointing a member of their Society/Association to attend and vote on any motions that has been presented.

While their work is predominantly representing the allotment movement, they endeavour to provide advice and information to members whether allotment or home gardeners.

May 3, 2011

May 3, 2011