Property Sales in Brentford in September 2007

Prices fall marginally from July's all-time high

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The latest data released by the Land Registry shows that the average price in Brentford in September reached £292,434. This compares with August's level of £308,001 and the record month of July when the average sale price was £315,058

For the second quarter as a whole the average home in the area now tops £300,000.

After a period in the doldrums, it was flat prices that led the market forward recently. The average flat now costs £282,000 up by 13.6% on last year. This compares with a 10.0% rise in the market as a whole.

Over the last three years property in Brentford is up on average by 26.8% although on a five year comparison this falls to 15.8%

No detached homes and only three semi-detached properties changed hands during the quarter. According to official figures there are 141 detached houses in Brentford and over 1,000 semi-detached houses. Even allowing for the proportion of these properties that are not privately owned the lack of turnover in this kind of home is extraordinary.

This rise continues to be faster than the rest of the country which saw average prices increase by 8.7% to £183,896. London continues to outperform with prices rising even faster than Brentford, up by 16.5% to £354,372.

The numbers quoted are based on Land Registry data. The numbers are subject to revision as there are usually some properties that are added late to the Land Registry's database.

Where do I live? Brentford TW8 postcodes are divided into three sectors, TW8 0xx, TW8 8xx and TW8 9xx. Broadly speaking, TW8 0xx covers areas east of Boston Manor Road, TW8 8xx goes west of Boston Manor Road, whilst TW8 9xx covers the areas to the north of the A4.


Date Address
28-Sep-07 6 Ferry Quays, Flat 9, Ferry Lane TW8 0BP
28-Sep-07 83 Braemar Court, Flat 47, Brook Road South TW8 0NA
28-Sep-07 53, Orchard Road TW8 0QU
28-Sep-07 Barnes Quarter, Flat 2, Tallow Road TW8 8EB
28-Sep-07 Bordeston Court, Flat 2, The Ham TW8 8HW
28-Sep-07 100a, Windmill Road TW8 9NA
27-Sep-07 41b, Boston Park Road TW8 9JF
27-Sep-07 42, Crowther Avenue TW8 9QJ
26-Sep-07 91, Lionel Road North TW8 9QZ
24-Sep-07 4a, Somerset Road TW8 8BX
24-Sep-07 137a, Whitestile Road TW8 9NP
21-Sep-07 83, Ealing Road TW8 0LQ
21-Sep-07 32, Upper Flat, Mafeking Avenue TW8 0NH
21-Sep-07 15, Lower Flat, Mafeking Avenue TW8 0NJ
21-Sep-07 4, Braemar Road TW8 0NR
21-Sep-07 6, Monmouth Grove TW8 9QN
20-Sep-07 71a, Mafeking Avenue TW8 0NL
20-Sep-07 30, Layton Road TW8 0QJ
18-Sep-07 26, Braemar Road TW8 0NR
18-Sep-07 Clifden House, 12, Windmill Road TW8 0PD
14-Sep-07 16, Braemar Road TW8 0NR
14-Sep-07 The Cottage, Clifden Road TW8 0PF
14-Sep-07 7, The Butts TW8 8BJ
14-Sep-07 8, Sidney Gardens TW8 8DX
10-Sep-07 Oakbark House, 42, High Street TW8 8LF
08-Sep-07 137, Holland Gardens TW8 0AZ
07-Sep-07 197a, High Street TW8 8AH
07-Sep-07 2, Brent Road TW8 8BP
07-Sep-07 Oakbark House, 12, High Street TW8 8LF
07-Sep-07 42 Servius Court, 20, Augustus Close TW8 8QZ
07-Sep-07 46, Whitestile Road TW8 9NJ
07-Sep-07 150a, Whitestile Road TW8 9NW
05-Sep-07 28, Lower Flat, Mafeking Avenue TW8 0NH
03-Sep-07 12, Maple Grove TW8 8NJ

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