Petition Against Wheelie Bins Launched

Residents unhappy about the imposition of new waste disposal regime


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Over the past few week residents have received notification of wheelie bin rubbish collections.

Properties with a front garden, regardless of size, have been deemed suitable for the 140l bins. Residents who recycle most of their household waste can opt to share a bin with their neighbour if they do not want a bin of their own.

The aim of the wheelie bins is to encourage recycling but residents who already recycle find them over-sized.

Mark Skuse, said "As a resident of Hamilton Road, I am appalled at the idea of having to store a large and unsightly Wheelie Bin outside my home.  These bins are being imposed on us by the London Borough of Hounslow in an apparent effort to encourage recycling and reduce waste going to landfill.  If the officers in charge of this at LBH had bothered to visit our area on recycling day they would have noticed that recycling is not a problem in our area."

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There is a petition against the imposition of wheelie bins with over 300 signatures so far with a deadline of November 21. It asks:

"We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to reverse the imposition of wheelie bins in Chiswick and Brentford in terraced houses with tiny front gardens."

November 6, 2015

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