Changes to cost of parking at West Mid

Long stays are cheaper, but disabled badge holders must pay

Between December 2005 and the end of January 2006, the West Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust issued a consultation to consider issues associated with visitor parking. As a result of the information collected during the consultation, a number of changes are being implemented. Some of these will have immediate effect, others will be introduced in the future.

The changes to be introduced are:

  • A new concessionary scheme for patients attending West Mid for long-term treatment (10 consecutive days or more) or for the main carer who is visiting a patient whose stay is longer than 10 consecutive days. A reduced charge of £1.50 per day will be introduced after 10 consecutive days.  The scheme will start from 1st June, further details are available from the ward manager.

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  • A reduction in the general parking tariff for those staying for long periods of time. The charge for a stay over 8 hours has now been reduced from £11.90 to £8.00.  Short stay charges have also been frozen.
  • From 1st June, disabled badge holders will now be required to pay the same charges as other users. Those on income support; income based jobseekers allowance; pension credit; guarantee credit; working tax credit and/or child tax credit may be entitled to reimbursement through the hospital travel cost scheme. Further information can be found at main reception.
  • A full and thorough review will take place during May 2006, of all disabled parking facilities at the Trust, with attention being given to accessibility and safety.  In the interim improvements are being made to pay machines and exit barriers.
  • A number of traffic calming measures have been introduced to increase safety, for example electronic speed warning signs and speed humps.
  • The WMUH travel scheme promotes the use of alternative methods of transport. WMUH works closely with local transport providers to improve public transport links. There are facilities for staff and visitors who wish to cycle to work in the form of additional secure bike shelters, staff are also actively encouraged to car share.  We have also made improvements to the bus shelters and installed an additional stop near to the therapies and mental health buildings. 

Car parking charges at the West Mid have been contentious for a long time, causing a record number of replies to our forum pages. Local residents have accused the hospital of providing an insufficient number of car parking spaces, causing parking difficulties on nearby streets.

12 May 2006


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