Former Watermans Board Member Condemns Its Potential Removal

Council stands to make substantial profit out of relocating Watermans

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I was shocked to read that Ballymore had left Watermans out of its plans for Brentford High Street but completely unconvinced by the idea that the" Arts
Centre could move to improve".

Are readers aware that Hounslow Council own the land that the Arts centre is situated on and that, by moving the centre, the council stand to make a fortune on a prime piece of riverside development land?

Brentford could lose a vital resource and end up with yet another block of luxury residential flats to be sold abroad like Ferry Quays.

Let's face it Brentford has little to shout about, over the years; we've seen the High Street dwindle to nothing after all the development money was put
into Hounslow town centre and watched in despair as the youth club (now Bringing Up Baby Nursery) was closed.Then the swimming pool in Clifden Road sold off for a pittance (circa £120k) and the Library has been under threat.

We love our Arts Centre in Brentford and it would be a tragedy if it moved. It's a pitiful and patronising argument to say culture cannot grow within Brentford - Brentford is full of creative people and people who appreciate the Arts,

Please don't sell our Arts centre for financial gain - everyone deserves an Arts centre in a beautiful setting. Don't let that setting become a playground for the wealthy.

Judy Preece,
Life Friend of Watermans Arts Centre, Former Board member and Brentford Resident of 25 years.

April 5, 2012