October at the Watermans

Sun 10
1.30 Lost In Translation
3.45 Japanese Story
6.15 Super size Me
8.15 Ae Fond Kiss

Mon 11
6.45 Ae Fond Kiss
8.45 Super size Me

Tue 12
6.45 Super size Me
8.45 Ae Fond Kiss



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Wed 13
6.45 Ae Fond Kiss
8.45 Super size Me

Thu 14
11.00 Ae Fond Kiss
6.45 Super size Me
8.45 Ae Fond Kiss

Fri 15
1.30 Wimbledon
6.45 Ae Fond Kiss
8.45 Wimbledon

Sat 16
11.00 Home On The Range
1.00 French Impressions
2.30 La Grande Illusion
6.45 Ae Fond Kiss
8.45 Wimbledon

Sun 17
1.30 Le Crime De Monsieur Lange
3.30 La Grande Illusion
6.00 Wimbledon
8.00 Ae Fond Kiss

Mon 18
6.45 Wimbledon
8.45 Ae Fond Kiss

Tue 19
6.45 Ae Fond Kiss
8.45 Wimbledon

Wed 20
6.45 Wimbledon
8.45 Ae Fond Kiss

Thu 21
11.00 Wimbledon
6.45 Ae Fond Kiss
8.45 Wimbledon

Fri 22
1.30 Bride And Prejudice
6.30 Red Lights
8.30 Bride and Prejudice

Sat 23
11.00 Garfield
2.00 Bride And Prejudice
4.30 Bride And Prejudice
6.45 Red Lights
8.45 Bride and Prejudice

Sun 24
1.30 Bride and Prejudice
3.45 Red Lights
5.45 Bride and Prejudice
8.00 American Daylight - London Film Festival Screening

Mon 25
6.30 Bride and Prejudice
8.45 Red Lights

Tue 26
6.30 Red Lights
8.45 Bride and Prejudice

Wed 27
6.30 Bride and Prejudice
8.45 Red Lights

Thu 28
11.00 Bride and Prejudice
6.30 Red Lights
8.45 Bride and Prejudice

Fri 29
1.30 Facing Windows
6.30 Bride and Prejudice
8.45 Facing Windows

Sat 30
11.00 The Little Vampire
2.00 King Arthur
4.30 Bride and Prejudice
6.45 Facing Windows
8.45 Bride and Prejudice

Sun 31
1.30 Troy
4.30 King Arthur
6.45 Bride and Prejudice
8.45 Facing Windows

Main Titles

Sunday 24 October 8pm
Tickets: £8
We are very proud to be a part of the world famous London Film Festival, with this special screening of one of the festival's key titles.

2004/Ind/98min/dir Roger Chistian
Koel Puri, Vijay Raaz, Nick Moran
A modern day thriller set in a globalise world. Sujata - renamed Sue is a call centre recruit in India, persuaded into breaking the rules to help an American millionaire to stop his ex-wife helping herself to his cash. As the unlikely pair becomes emotionally closer despite being the other-side of the world from one another, things start to get very complicated for them both.

Mon 4 - Thu 7 Oct
2003/Fr/95m/dir Andy Litvack
Dianne Weist, Jane Birkin, Simon Callow
Imagine if you can, an English language French farce, from the production team of Merchant - Ivory, and although set in Paris, mainly acted by either American or British thesps. Concerning Elizabeth, an opera diva played with panache by Dianne Wiest, and the ongoing problems of her feckless twenty something son, it pokes fun at both a certain type of transatlantic wanderer, and both the British and French attitude to the type.

Fri 8 - Thu 14 Oct
2004/US/96m/dir Morgan Spurlock
One of the most talked about films of the year, this amazing documentary tells the story of how the filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock decides to live on nothing but McDonald's fast food for one month, and record the gory details. It has set tongues wagging, and lawsuits flying, in both America and Australia, where audiences have been giving it the thumbs up, and the food it portrays has come under more scrutiny than ever before.

Fri 8 - Thu 21 Oct
2004/UK/104m/dir Ken Loach
Shamshad Akhtar, Eva Birthistle, Ghizala Avan
Veteran director Ken Loach brings us the last part of his Scottish trilogy, after My Name is Joe and Sweet Sixteen, with this rather tender romantic comedy drama, about an inter racial relationship, and how it threatens the fabric of a Muslim family. Rukhsana Khan is a feisty teenager, who tries not to be too intimidated by the prejudices she meets at her school. When her older brother Sadia meets her one day at the school, he also meets one of her teachers, Roisin, a young Irish catholic woman, and the two are attracted to each other. This is the starting point to a bumpy journey for all concerned, and it is with great understanding of and care for his characters, that Loach makes us concerned for the outcome.

Fri 15 - Thu 21 Oct
2004/UK/98m/dir Richard Loncraine
Paul Bettany, Kirsten Dunst, Sam Neill
Pert romantic comedy that sees a failing British tennis player, Peter Cole, heading for a swan song at the Wimbledon championships, having his passion re-kindled when he meets a rising American tennis star, Lizzie Bradbury, and the two begin an affair. It is as the championships progress, and they both are winning their matches, that problems arise, as they are both unsure of how far the fling may go. The film nicely catches the slightly unreal atmosphere of an event as big as Wimbledon, while keeping us focused on the couple, and of course the will he won't he win the big prize.

Fri 22 - Thu 28 Oct
RED LIGHTS (Feux Rouges) (15)
2004/Fr/Subt/105m/dir Cedric Khan
Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Carole Bouquet, Vincent Deniard
A couple drives down from Paris to the South of France to collect their children from a summer camp, and as the journey progresses their underlying animosity for each other begins to surface. It is hot, the traffic is horrendous, and as they travel they bicker, until at a service station where they stop, as she goes to freshen up, he offers a lift to a hitch-hiker. To say any more would be to ruin this terrific and unusual film, which subtly blends elements of both the thriller, and the mystery genre, to great effect.

From Fri 22 Oct
2004/UK/121m/dir Gurinder Chada
Aishwarya Rai, Martin Henderson, Naveen Andrews
From the team that brought us Bend It like Beckham, this is a bold and inventive re-working of Pride ands Prejudice, set in contemporary India, with a fusion of Bollywood and Hollywood, mixed with a little British romp-com. The Bakshi family live in Amritsar, mum dad and four beautiful daughters, they are slightly impoverished but happy, apart from the mother, who schemes to marry of the daughters to wealthy suitors. Lalita (Aishwarya Rai) is the independent and inquisitive one, and by some measure the most beautiful. It is she who comes to the attention of wealthy American Will Darcy, who is over with his English Asian friend Bingley, but the two seem destined to quarrel and misunderstand each other.

From Fri 29 Oct
2003/It/106m/dir Ferzan Ozpetek
Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Massimo Girotti, Raoul Bova
Turkish born, Italian based director Ferzan Oztepek is best known in this country for Hamam The Turkish Bath, a well received Turkish set film from the mid nineties. This new film is actually set in Rome, and concerns the fading Marriage of Giovanna and Filippo, a couple with two kids, boring or no jobs, and an uncertain future. Giovanna is still a very attractive woman, and when she catches glimpses of a desirable, handsome man in the window opposite the one of their apartment, she harbours a desire to meet him. Fate throws her a chance in the form of Simone, an elderly man who has lost his memory, and who also lives opposite. His story will be instrumental to the future of the other three, as this compelling romantic drama unfolds.

French Impressions
One of the greatest film directors that France has ever produced, Jean Renoir was responsible for a number of the most famous films of the thirties and forties, and Jon Davis will take a view on his legacy. We will then screen LA GRANDE ILLUSION, which many people consider the director's finest work.

Sat 16 Oct
1.00 Film Talk on Jean Renoir
2.30 La Grande Illusion (PG)
1937/Fr/Subt/117m/dir Jean Renoir
See Sunday double bills for full details

Family Cinema
Sat 2 Oct
2004/UK/90m/dir Alister Fothergill & Andy Byatt
A fantastic look at the world under the water, as we are shown amazing and often beautiful marine life from all parts of the globe, in this big screen offering from the team responsible for the hit TV series Blue Planet

Sat 9 Oct
2004/US/127m/dir Sam Raimi
Tobey McGuire, Kirsten Dunst
The biggest action adventure film of the year, the second instalment of Peter Parker's metamorphosis into the web spinner

Sat 16 Oct
2004/US/76m/dir Will Finn & John Sanford
This new Disney animated film is the sweet story of how a small homely farm, in America's wild west, must overcome the big bad cattle baron who wants to take it over, and evict the animals who live there.

Sat 23 Oct
2004/US/80m/dir Peter Hewitt
Hilarious adventures of the world's laziest cat and his cronies, as they make their big screen debut.

Sat 30 Oct
2000/UK/95m/dir Uli Edel
Jonathan Lipnicki, Richard E Grant, Jim Carter
Halloween special with the story of a very special boy, and his very special family, who only come out at night.

Every Thursday at 11.00am
Watermans is pleased to announce the start of a new and exciting series of screenings, aimed at parents and their babies, up to one year old. The aim is to screen our regular programme, but at a convenient time, and with other parents, in a relaxed atmosphere. If you would like to attend these sessions you must register your name and full contact details with our box office on 020 8232 1010. Tickets are priced at £4.50.
Screenings for September
Thursday 7 October - Since Otar Left
Thursday 14 October - Ae Fond Kiss
Thursday 21 October - Wimbledon
Thursday 28 October - Bride and Prejudice

Sunday Double Bills
Sun 3 Oct
2003/Fr/Subt/102m/dir Julie Bertucelli
Esther Gorintin, Nino Khomasiridze, Dinara Drukarova
This French made film is actually set in post - Soviet Tiblisi, capital of Georgia, and concerns three generations of one family, a grandmother, mother and daughter.
Their beloved son, brother, uncle, Otar a qualified doctor, has left for Paris and lowly work which will nevertheless send much needed money back to the family. When bad news is received from France, it will perversely be the start of a great adventure.
See main screenings

Sun 10 Oct
2003/US/102m/dir Sofia Coppola
Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray
Two Americans in limbo in Tokyo, she the young wife of a trendy photographer, he a jaundiced middle-aged film star, find that they connect in this popular film that lets us view the Japanese through alien eyes.
2003/Aust/107m/dir Sue Brooks
Toni Collette, Gotaro Tsunashima
An entirely different spin on the Japanese psyche, this is a road movie with a difference set in the desert of West Australia. Sandy (Collette) is a geologist who has to take a potential client Hiromitsu out on a field trip out to the desert, and then finds that things do not go to plan.

Sun 17 Oct
1935/Fr/Subt/90m/dir Jean Renoir
Rene Lefevre, Jules Berry, Odette Florelle
A minor but entrancing work, this is a comedy-thriller - romance about the effect that the sudden disappearance of their lecherous boss has on the workers at a publishing firm. It is the gently naturalistic tone of the film that helps to involve the audience even after all these years.
1937/Fr/Subt/117m/dir Jean Renoir
Jean Gabin, Pierre Fresnay, Erich Von Stroheim
On the surface this is a prisoner of war story, set during World War One, and the French inmates, dealing with both incarceration and their German captors. It is as a study of human nature and a social structure that goes far beyond national boundaries, that makes this film one of the greatest films of the time.

Sun 31 Oct
TROY (15)
2004/US/163m/dir Wolfgang Petersen
Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom
Spectacular epic tale of the famous siege of Troy, loosely based on the tales of Homer, but better viewed as a decent piece of sand and sandal hokum.

2004/US/120m/dir Antoine Fuqua
Clive Owen, Keira Knightly, Ioan Gruffudd
Strange and down to earth telling of the Arthurian legend, set around 400AD, and with the emphasis on the fight for Britain, and the end of the Romans in this country.