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A quiet Thursday, blogging in the morning then a bike ride early afternoon – I’m taking full advantage of decent weather – and back for a scheduled phone call with a researcher.. which didn’t materialise.

Early evening I’m off to Harvey House, one of the Brentford Towers, for a meeting with the Brentford Towers Residents Association plus officers from housing and people from the contractors who are engaged with the works there – Engie. All quite friendly and in general things seem to be going OK though of course there are issues with a few aspects of the project plus sundry grumbles about the estate, for example about street lights in some places and the problems they have had equipping for extra concierges who were expected to start a while ago. We discuss use of the new community space (still awaiting expressions of interest from groups who might want to be housed there such as the boxing gym, dance outfit and the residents association itself) and progress on the Cruyff Court – the inspector from the Cruyff Foundation has visited  and it seems viable, but the council is going to have to find some co-funding from somewhere.

Then it’s down to Hounslow House for a labour group social. Some trays of tasty Indian food are laid on and some beer etc and I cycle home slightly the worse for wear (but not over any legal limit, obviously occifer).

Friday morning a coffee with one of my favourite residents, a retired sea captain who has a splendid flat overlooking the Thames. A good chat about many matters and excellent coffee and (naughty) biscuits which I later try and work off with a longish bike ride. Then Hounslow House for an interview with a young woman who is researching quality of life, specifically on the Haverfield and Towers estates, for the Ministry of Housing, Communities, Local Government, Uncle Tom Cobbley, and All. An interesting conversation: they are focusing on these estates because they are seen as having challenging demographics etc and looking at ways the government can support improvement. Though there is a lot of work going on at present aimed at improving both estates, any attention from the Ministry is welcome and  I suggest a few residents who may want to talk to her (and vice versa!) so she can understand what it feels like to live there.

In the evening Melvinator, Ruth Cadbury and I do a bit of door knocking down Ealing Road. We don’t get many complaints (which is always welcome!) and we engage with them a little about the Euro elections. Without wishing to be controversial in any way, I would say that they are not the most popular elections ever held in the history of mankind. We were pleased that most of those we talked to came round to understanding it’s important to vote, and vote for candidates with Labour values of hard work and sticking up for ordinary people rather than risking a glut of Faragists who will take the money and do very little, if history is any guide.

Saturday is my birthday (over 21) and I celebrate it in the morning in the A&E at W Middlesex hospital: a graze on my leg from a bit of furious cycling (actually kicking the pedal with my shin) has got infected so I get professional dressing and antibiotics. The day improves later and I celebrate (is that the right word at my age?) with my daughter.

Monday evening we have the Brentford Community Council. It’s the AGM so there are more there than usual at the scout hut. They share the annual accounts – they are not a threat to Amazon – and we have lengthy discussions about planning matters, primarily the Ballymore development. Melvinator and I depart with a few additions to the task list.

On Tuesday I’m in to Hounslow House for a regular update with the finance team. It seems we clawed back a little of the budget problem in March, but finances will again be very challenging this financial year – April figures are not available yet. Pleased to hear that accounts for all the Lampton companies are now with the auditors. Then back to my GP surgery for the nurse to change my dressing and recommend shin pads and back again to Hounslow House for the shortest cabinet meeting in my memory. Only two items on the agenda and they were both uncontroversial. No public or opposition members in attendance so everything decided in a few minutes.

I spot a bit of creative recycling from the balcony of my flat
All it needs is some upholstery from


Wednesday I’m back to West Mid for a hearing test and new hearing aids. The appointment is for 10: the examination starts at about 10.01 with a most charming, informative and caring audiologist and I leave about 10.45 with shiny new hearing aids, a supply of batteries, and feeling real appreciation. The service is flawless. I get emails from a friend in America who has gone in for an annual check up to one of their swish private hospitals. She is booked for 10 am and about 10.30 the receptionist books her in. There is a wrangle over whether her insurance is valid for that hospital. 11.10 they take her blood pressure. 11.30 she sees the doctor. Over in 5 minutes and she is given two referrals. One is for an ultrasound scan as there is a family history of cancer. That’ll be $250, not covered by insurance. Kerching. We moan about the NHS and of course lots of people have trouble getting GP appointments (perhaps connected to Jeremy Hunt’s promise of 5000 more GPs turning into a reality of 1000 less) but we should be so careful about Farage and co (and many Tories) saying we should move to an insurance system. We need a Labour government, soon please, to undo 9 years of damage as Labour seem doomed to have to do every time they get in power.

Thursday morning I have a most uncharacteristic stroll around Kew Gardens with a friend of mine. She is a member so that avoids paying an admission fee and we have a lovely stroll around in the sunshine. I think the glass sculptures there are pretty cool.

Kew Gardens

At midday I have an assignation in Albury Avenue, where the pavements have multiple problems, small in themselves but adding up to a big problem. It’s a narrow road with multiple inadequate crossovers (usually a single car dropped kerb but room for 3 cars in the front ‘garden’) and plenty of pavement parking, including lorries, vans etc. Result: a lot of cracked stones and subsiding areas.

Albury Ave
Note: the shoes may be a ghost entering the picture, but in fact I think there is human inside them and they are attached to full size human.

Cllr Guy Lambert

May 17, 2019

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