Local Groups Respond To Hounslow Council's Deferring CS9 Decision

Cycling group and Conservatives clash on the proposed TfL cycle lane

Cycle Superhighway Plan Predicted to Increase Journey Times in Brentford
CGI of the proposals, looking north-east along South Circular Road from Kew Bridge Road


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Hounslow Cycling Campaign and local Conservatives have responded to the statement from Hounslow Council clarifying its position on the controversial Cycle Superhighway 9 (CS9).

Hounslow Council said it would not take a decision on the cycle path until after the Council elections in May. It also feels that a number of revisions needed to be made to the current proposal by TfL which involved a cycle highway running through Chiswick High Road and along Brentford.

Conservative councillors in Chiswick have called on the Council and local MP Ruth Cadbury to work with them to achieve "radical changes" to the current plan. They also want to have the A4 considered as a potential cycle lane. Over 1,000 people have signed their petition opposing the cycle lane as currently proposed.

The Hounslow Cycling Campaign is in favour of the CS9 and wants "constructive dialogue" with opponents, to find common ground.

A statement from the Hounslow Cycling Campaign said.; "While we are disappointed with the delay until after the May council elections, we fully understand that large engineering projects can take longer than originally planned and the borough cabinet needs key information from TfL to decide the detailed implementation."

However the group says it is disappointed by the "lack of a constructive approach" from some opponents of the scheme. The group has rebutted the criticisms of the CS9 from the nine Chiswick councillors and you can read this here.

The cycling group says: "In our campaigning, we have encountered many people who quietly support the scheme, the objectives of healthier streets and safer walking and cycling for all, enabled by the CS9 protected route linking the town centres of Hammersmith, Chiswick, Brentford and Hounslow. We are confident this support will be reflected in the consultation results, as it has been for all previous cycle superhighway schemes.

"We acknowledge concerns regarding elements of the scheme and would welcome constructive dialogue on specific aspects, as we are likely to have common ground.

"However, we are disappointed by the lack of a constructive approach from some opponents and attempts to politicise the scheme. We have provided a rebuttal, with supporting evidence, of the Chiswick councillors' response to CS9 for consideration in the consultation process.

Over 1,000 people have signed the petition opposing the cycle scheme, which was started by Conservative Council Group leader Cllr Sam Hearn. The nine Chiswick councillors representing the three local authority wards have outlined their criticisms in their formal response to TfL's consultation on the extension of CS9.

'In just two short weeks over 1000 people have signed our petition opposing the scheme. It is deeply regrettable that TfL's CS9 project has had the unquestioning support of the Labour Council, the local Labour MP and the Labour Mayor of London. We call upon them to join with us in seeking radical changes to the scheme that will both reduce traffic congestions and air pollution. Any new scheme must work to the benefit of all key stakeholders including cyclists, pedestrians, and all other road users, not forgetting local residents and businesses. Innovative thinking and ongoing consultation are essential if the unique and vibrant character of Chiswick High Road is not to be lost for ever."

Chiswick Conservative Council candidates, Patrick Barr and Joanna Biddolph also welcomed the announcement by Hounslow Council that they will defer a decision on the Cycle Superhighway (CS9) until after the May Local elections.

They said: "A huge range of valid objections have been raised and these need to be carefully considered and responded to. The proposed scheme, as presently configured is deeply flawed and will reduce traffic speeds and add to air pollution. Along with a huge number of local residents we continue to oppose the proposed route along Chiswick High Road and call for all alternative routes to be properly investigated e.g. the neglected route along the A4. "

Hounslow Council recently said it believed the Cycle Superhighway (CS9) needed revisions if the proposal was to go ahead. Transport for London (TfL) is currently preparing its report on the outcome of the consultation which received 5,000 responses. The proposed CS9 would be a segregated cycle pathway along the A315 between Kensington Olympia and Brentford.

The Council's statement said: "Although we await the final report, it is evident that some elements of the scheme will need to be revised for it to be acceptable to our residents and businesses."

The deadline for the public consultation on the proposed Cycle Superhighway (CS9) for has now ended.

cycle superhighway 9

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January 16, 2018

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