New for the Syon Estate: WESTPLaY launches new play-scheme this month!

A letter from Caroline Andrews, Shirley Fisher and Jon Hardy
Councillors for Syon, Independent Community Group:

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Play-workers will be coming to the Syon Estate after school, once or twice a week, to run 2 hour play sessions with Children and Young People. WESTPLaY want to encourage kids to play outside more, so thereíll be a range of activities including sports and competitions, arts and crafts, board games, nature trails, den building and loads more FUN!! Most importantly, the sessions are FREE to attend, Children and Young People are FREE to choose what they want to do and FREE to Come and Go! And did I mention - itís all FREE?!

The sessions are for children aged 6-13 years (A responsible adult or older sibling must stay with children under 6) and Parents, Carers and members of the Community are welcome to get involved.

WESTPLaY will be at the Coach and Horses Pub at 6:30pm on November 19th (NEXT WED) so you can find out more about the project, ask us any questions and see if you want to be involved. See you there!
Contacts: Kiersty Caesar, Senior Play-worker for WESTPLaY Tel. 020 8569 9326 or e-mail

Next - GRAND DESIGNS: have your say!
We are looking for ideas for the outline design of a new community hub to supersede the existing Rose Centre. If we are to get any of the funding that is available then we need to put together an outline of what local people want to see in a new building. We have our own ideas such as:

  • 2-Storey building but same size foot print as now
  • Disabled access first floor
  • Pitched roof that fits in with the surrounding buildings
  • Better access between the rose garden and the play area
  • Large multi-purpose area on the ground floor
  • Internet Cafť area and chill out zone

But we have this outrageous idea that YOU can decide these things yourself and will have better/more ambitious ideas. There is no point in building something that no one uses because it isnít what they wanted. And quite frankly if we want to lay hands on the money to build the thing the project needs to be well supported by the community. That means you!

Weíll be at the Coach and Horses Pub at 6:30pm on November 19th (NEXT WED) (thatís right, same date/time; we wouldnít ask you to come out on 2 nights this weather!) to meet with people who are interested and want to have their say on this project.

Caroline, Shirley and Jon

P.S. Our Christmas Party is on the 19th Dec at the Isleworth Working Menís Club, St Johnís Road (off Twickenham Road). Tickets are £5 each. To purchase tickets, or for further information, contact the organisers by email to or phone the ICG office on 020 8583 2278.

November 14, 2008