Brentford Stores Robbery

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Robbery at Brentford Stores, Hamilton Road

Early evening, Sunday 5th September, two youths robbed Brentford Stores. While one youth acted as a look out, the second entered the shop and stood just inside the doorway. When everything appeared clear, both youths rushed into the shop, grabbed alcohol and fled punching the storekeeper in the face as they made their escape.  The shop keeper pressed the panic alarm and concerned residents working and living nearby went to the shop to investigate. The police were called and began a search of the area.  The alleged suspects were quickly apprehended.    

Neighbourhood Watch would like to thank those who came to the aid of Brentford Stores and who telephoned the police.  This is the third violent incident at Brentford Stores in the past year.  On this occasion the storekeeper did not require hospital treatment. 

Possible Attempted Theft of Motorcycle / Bicycle Thefts
During the early hours of one September morning, a resident watched a van being driven along a residential road.  The van stopped close to a parked motor cycle, people got out and walked towards the motor cycle, but realizing that they were being watched, returned to their vehicle and drove off.  Although it is not clear what their intentions were, it is known that thieves are using lifting equipment installed in vans to lift and load locked motor cycle/scooters into the back of vans. 

Owners of motor cycles/scooters who park them in the street are asked to take extra precautions against professional thieves. 

There have been a number of recent bicycle thefts.  One theft took place one afternoon in broad daylight, while the other thefts took place at night.  All the bikes were stolen from front gardens.   Thieves will take any risk and go to any length to steal bicycles, using either bolt cutters to cut through bicycle locks, or to simply lift a locked bicycle and load it into the back of a waiting vehicle. Pease keep bicycles inside your property or securely locked in back gardens or locked inside garden sheds. 

Attempted Mugging
Around 9:15pm on Monday 20th September, a teenager walking home after visiting friends was approached by 2 youths close to Brentford Stores.  The youths demanded the teenager‘s mobile phone. During the confrontation, the teenager was able to escape from his attackers and return home safely.

Residents are asked to be on constant alert for suspicious behavior. Please take a closer than normal look at anyone strange who appears to be acting suspiciously.  Write down the registration number of any vehicle whose occupants are taking what appears to be a greater than normal interest in the area.   Any information, however small, would be extremely useful to the police should a crime take place. 

Halloween Night
Sunday 31st October is Halloween night.  While no one wishes to spoil the fun of young children dressed as wizards and witches visiting our homes trick or treating, please take great care not to be distracted by other less welcome callers who may use Halloween as an excuse to gain entry into our homes.

Safer Neighborhoods Team ‘Immobiliser Bike Identification’.
Immobilise U.K. National Property Register
Police Officers from the Brentford Safer Neighbourhoods Team will be at Boston Manor Park, Saturday 9th October, to register bicycles on the IMMOBILISE  PROPERTY REGISTER.  The SNT will also arrange visits to your home to register your bike(s) on the IMMOBILISE PROPERTY REGISTER.  This service is free.  Please contact the Brentford SNT (020-8247 5974) for an appointment, or should you prefer, please contact Neighbourhood Watch.

The IMMOBILISE NATIONAL PROPERTY REGISTER presently holds details of bicycles and other personal items on its register. To register your own property, simply visit the IMMOBILISE NATIONAL PROPERTY REGISTER at the website address shown above.  Once registered you stand a better chance of being reunited with your lost or stolen property. 

October 4, 2010