Improvements to Duke of Northumberland's River

Presentation at Isleworth Leisure Centre on Wednesday

Before and after pictures
Before and after pictures


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The London Wildlife Trust and The London Borough of Hounslow are working in partnership to improve the Duke of Northumberland’s River for wildlife and local people.

A small aquatic shelf will be installed along the western bank on the river which will be planted with a beautiful array of aquatic plant life.

Wooden deflectors will be installed to give the river a natural appearance  and to prevent the build up of silt in the watercourse

The improvement works will provide a perfect habitat for a range of wildlife including fish, waterfowl, water voles and invertebrates such as damselflies.

The project will take place 19 February to 9 March 2018. The Riverside Walk footpath will be closed in 100 metre sections whilst work takes place. You will still be able to access the river.

Up to 6 parking space will be temporarily closed on Riverside Walk to allow for the storage of the contractors machinery and construction materials.

The works will not increase the risk of flooding, all the works have been approved by the Environment Agency who have recently recalibrated the weir at Kneller Gardens so that the Lower Crance now receives more water and the DNR receives less.

Water levels in the Duke’s river are artificially controlled and have been set at a level to ensure the river will not flood.

How can I find out more?

Attend the public event at Isleworth Leisure Centre on Wednesday 7 February at 6.30pm

Contact London Wildlife Trusts Project Manager

February 6, 2018

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