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As part of the regular IBAF meetings (Isleworth and Brentford Action Forums) local police produce reports on police and criminal activity for each ward. Brentford and Syon appear below. See the above link for other wards and attend IBAF to hear the reports presented and discussed.

Brentford Ward
Ward Supervisor – PS Andy Pugh
Dedicated Ward Officer – PC Dinesh Pillay
Dedicated Ward Officer – PC Lee Davies-Gonzalez
Dedicated Ward Officer – PCSO Angela Mirzai

The team are looking to increase the number of Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators to help increase awareness and intelligence. Burglary figures are on a downward trend. In April 2017 the amount of reports created figure was 35, June 2017 shows 22 and July shows 2017 shows 17. Brentford’s biggest hotspots were GWQ Estate, Ealing Road, Brentford and Premier Inn, A4, Brentford.

Theft from motor vehicles
Brentford NPT has visited the hotspots in the Brentford ward. Security issues have been discussed and the Police Crime Prevention Officer for Hounslow has also offered advice. The figures have been steady. In April 2017 the amount of reports created the figure was 198, June 2017 shows 188 and July shows 2017 shows 196.

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)
Patrols around problem areas have helped decrease the anti-social behaviour. The Green Dragon Estate has had a decrease of reports. Clayponds Estate has had an increase and residents have informed Police that they have expressed their concerns to Hounslow Council as they know the people causing issues who are also council residents. Police have also expressed their concerns to Hounslow Council to look into their tenancies as there seem to be clear breaches.

We have a number of other issues that we are monitoring:

Haverfields Estate, Brentford
Brentford NPT along with Hounslow Homes Neighbourhood Wardens are still engaging with the residents in that area who have expressed their concerns. Brentford NPT are taking steps to disrupt their activities which have in turn reduced the number of ASB issues in that area. Hounslow Homes have assisted with CCTV to identify the offenders. Brentford NPT have also processed three moped riders for court for driving on footpath and/ or driving without due care and attention, two section 59 Police Reform Act warnings and four stolen vehicles seized found whilst on patrol. This has decreased the number of reports made by residents and Hounslow Homes of anti social behaviour. Search warrants for premises have been executed on the estate leading to drugs being seized and offenders being reprimanded.

GWQ Estate, Ealing Road
Patrols have been increased by both Brentford NPT and the security at the Estate. This has seen a sharp decline in reported incidents of burglaries. PCSO Mirzai will be assisting in bike marking to help identify future suspicious/ abandoned bikes to return to their rightful owners. This area has also been identified by Brentford NPT for a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Watermans Art Centre, High Street
Continuous patrols and presence in the area have decreased the reports of youths causing anti social behaviour.

Neighbourhood Watch and Ward Panel Members
Brentford NPT are still recruiting Neighbourhood Watch and Ward Panel Members to help identify problem areas. PCSO Mirzai is the lead in regards to setting up and managing the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Brentford. There are three active Neighbourhood Watch Schemes in Brentford. Brentford NPT are proactively looking to increase this number by speaking to residents informing them of the benefits of joining.

Sainsbury’s GWQ, Ealing Road
This supermarket is still a hotspot for shoplifters. Brentford NPT has worked with the manager to help identify suspects and secure convictions at court. Numerous criminals have been identified. Recently an offender has been referred to Crown Court for sentencing due to the high amount of crimes that have been linked to this individual.

Clayponds Estate, Ealing Road - Drugs
The team have recently received reports of drug dealing and ASB around Clayponds Estate. Information received has been put on intelligence systems and offenders have been identified. The residents are well aware who these individuals are and are proactively giving information to the Police and Hounslow Council as these offenders are Council residents. There have been recent arrests in the area relating to drugs which have decreased the presence of the offenders. If you have any information regarding drug activity please contact Brentford NPT on Brentford.SNT@met.police.uk, Hounslow Homes Neighbourhood Wardens on 020 8583 6310 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

St Paul’s Recreation Ground, Lateward Road
Reports of ASB in the evenings around the park during the early part of the summer but these appear to have declined with the colder weather. Brentford NPT will continue to monitor this area.

Twitter/ Airspace
Brentford NPT are using available social media to inform residents of good news stories including arrests and presence at community events. This is also used to circulate images of wanted offenders to bring them to justice. Brentford NPT’s twitter account is @MPSBrentford. Brentford NPT are looking to increase the amount of users of each twitter and Airspace. Airspace has had an increase of contacts of approximately 100 contacts each mouth this year and still growing. Airspace users can subscribe online or email brentford.SNT@met.police.uk with first name, surname, post code and email.

Syon Ward
Ward Supervisor – PS20TX Andy Pugh
Dedicated Ward Officer – PC703TX Martin Byrne
Dedicated Ward Officer – PCSO 7177TX Berkley Greene
Dedicated Ward Officer – PC 352TX Joe Holton

Burglary continues to provide a challenge on the ward with the number of residential burglaries showing a reduction in the past 2 months. Officers patrol burglary hot spots when possible and have promoted Op Be Safe.
When a burglary is reported a ‘cocoon’ visit is conducted in the immediate area in an attempt to identify witnesses and avenues of investigation.
Hartham Road was targeted and a repeat victim was identified. Crime prevention Officer visited and leaflets were distributed in street a week.

Theft from motor vehicles
Motor vehicle crime still remains a high priority. The number of reported offences have shown an increase. Police are working with local businesses, especially hotels in Syon and Brentford.

SNT have visited staff and provided information packs advising how to improve security features in car parks in an attempt to reduce this type of offence on the ward.

Intelligence reports regarding mopeds suspected to be involved.

Street drinking and Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)
The team have identified that currently the main area for ASB is around Charlton House and Albany Parade, Brentford. This involves street drinking, drug use in the stairwells and bin areas.

The team are working closely with Brentford ward as a number of individuals identified are known to both wards.

We have increased patrols and are enforcing the controlled drinking zone (CDZ). Although the news is that this is under review or has re-named. LBH to be contacted for clarification. With the help of Hounslow Homes we are looking to identify the persistent offenders, we will then be looking to take positive action.

We have a number of other issues that we are monitoring:

Charlton House / Albany Parade
Complaints about street drinking and drug use around this area have reduced. Regular patrols of this area and arrests made in Albany Parade have reduced the amount of calls to police regarding this.

The team has started to use a new messaging system to provide regular updates on ward issues.

Syon Park
There has been a reduction theft from M/V plus there has been a reduction in complaints regarding ASB by youths and vehicles driving recklessly.

There has been a reduction in investigations into shoplifting. Police have been working closely with the major crime generating locations on the ward in an effort to prevent this type of crime.

There have been reports of ASB in Union Lane. Stop and search has resulted in a cannabis warning and intelligence on possible dealing.

West Middlesex Hospital (WMH)
WMH remains a challenge but police have been dealing robustly with those who commit crimes at the hospital and those who abuse staff. Police have successfully prosecuted people for racially abusing staff at the hospital. Police have conducted patrols of the site in both uniform and plain clothes and have formed a close working partnership with security staff.

Syon SNT has organized a “cuppa with a coppa” event. This has been advertised on Twitter and internally to staff at the hospital by the Trust

The newsletters continue to be produced and distributed on the ward.

November 22, 2017

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