Morrison Redevelopment Has Been Amended

Submitted amendments to proposal were presented to Brentford Community Council

View from the high street
Development from the High Street


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Brentford Community Council

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Essential Living have submitted alterations to their plans to redevelop the Morrisons site in responses to feedback from residents and Council Officers. Representatives came to Brentford Community Council meeting on Monday in what proved to be a lively debate.

EL said they are currently talking to five supermarkets, including Morrisons, about taking on the new supermarket. Once they have come to an agreement with a supermarket, it will be the responsibility of the new tenant to look seriously at a temporary supermarket during the construction period. It is in the supermarket's interest to not lose the reported 23,000+ visitors a week to Brentford's Morrisons. EL are talking to other land owners in the search for a temporary site.

As well as a temporary supermarket EL are looking to have some sort of pop up shop on site during construction. They are intending to provide a shuttle bus, probably to Tesco Osterley but have not firmed up details of frequency and availability of this.

A floor has been taken off Building A (closest to the school and rec') and has been added on to Building B (by the Beehive). This has resulted in a loss of 4 flats.

Changes in layout to the flats have resulted in losses of the larger accommodation units. 3beds have reduced from 19 to 11, with one additional 2 bed and 3 additional 1 bed flats.

Original massing
Original massing (looking south with the Beehive to the top right)

New Massing
Revised massing (looking south with the Beehive to the top right)

Minor amendments have been made to the flats to improve daylight and preserve privacy, with some balconies added.

Back Lane

The "back of the building" on Back Lane has been altered to make it feel less like the back and more attractive.

High street frontage

The frontage on the high street has been changed with a metal screen at the car park level being replaced by a green wall and the frontage has been broken up in order to increase the appeal.


Block B has been moved slightly further away from the Beehive, making a wider walk through and more spacious area for hte pub and the new unit opposite.

Details of these changes can be downloaded in the first five documents (entitled D&A addendum). Visit and enter P/2016/5573 in System Reference.

Friends of St Paul's Recreation Ground are asking everybody to comment on this application in the next fortnight before the officer's report is written which is expected to go to Planning Committee for a decision in April. Comments can be sent to and copied in to your local (Brentford and Syon ward) councillors.

March 17, 2017

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