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Friends of St Paul's Recreation Ground have been very busy encouraging people to sign their petition against the Essential Living redevelopment on the Morrisons site. The total of paper and online signatures is over 2,700.

The vast majority of people using Morrisons who were invited to sign have done so, with many saying they didn't know there was a proposal to redevelop the site and be without a supermarket temporarily. Unofficial figures suggest over 23,000 visits are made to Morrisons each week with many also visiting the high street.

Further to the recent public meeting about the proposed development on Morrisons site, Friends of St Paul's Recreation Ground have got together with other groups to create a leaflet encouraging local residents to respond to the consultation.

Friends would like to clarify, following consultation with Brentford Community Council, that it’s very important for people to express their own objections re the Morrison site development other than those suggested in the leaflet drop. Your own words will count more as each different objection is counted separately. If you did you use the template and have copied and pasted then you can write in again using YOUR OWN WORDS and you are urged to do so. There’s still time before the planning meet to object on March 9, however aim to have these with the council by Friday March 3.  Please quote the following -

Planning Application: Morrisons Site, Brentford High Street – application reference number 00607/228-246/P1.

Please send your comments to:

Email: planningcomments@hounslow.gov.uk

Post: Development Management, London Borough of Hounslow, The Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN.

In addition to sending your objections to the Council do please copy your objection to each of the local Brentford Ward councillors.  Their email addresses are:

Melvin Collins:       mel.collins@hounslow.gov.uk

Guy Lambert:         guy.lambert@hounslow.gov.uk

Myra Savin:            myra.savin@hounslow.gov.uk

While the Councillors are not allowed to express an opinion on a planning matter before the committee meeting at which it will be decided, they have a duty to listen to residents’ concerns.

If you’ve already submitted your objection, and don’t have a copy, please send an email setting out your concerns to each of the Brentford Ward Councillors.  They need to be made aware that a very large number of residents are concerned about what is proposed, it’s vital the Councillors are aware of the scale of residents' concerns.

Equally of course you should write in with your comments if you are in favour of the development.

If you haven't yet signed the petition either online or on paper, which says simply

We the undersigned petition Hounslow Council to REJECT THE PROPOSED DEVELOPMENT FOR THE MORRISONS SITE.

you can still sign it.

The leaflet can be downloaded from the Facebook page.

Essential Living has distributed a leaflet around Brentford with a further update which is included on their website High St East.

Essential Living's planning application is to demolish the existing supermarket and build a 10 storey high mixed use scheme which will provide a new supermarket and other shops/cafes served by a secure car park and include 225 flats for the private rented sector some of which will be available (25%) at rents at some discount to the full market rate. The Hounslow Local Plan calls for at least 40% of homes in new developments to be affordable.  

The supermarket will be of similar size to the current Morrisons, whose lease runs out in 2018. There is as yet no proposed solution to the need for a temporary supermarket during the construction period. The local plan advised a floor space ratio of 75:25 retail to residential use.

The development will include a piazza which will open up a vista to the spire of St Paul's Church.

Plan of Morrisons Development Brentford

The expectation is that the planning application will be heard at planning committee in March with a 18-24 month construction period starting next autumn.

Brentford Morrisons development
CGI of how the development will look from the High Street

February 23, 2017

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